How to Increase SD Card Memory to 264GB

In this post, we are talking about How to Increase SD Card Memory to 32GB by using SDATA TOOL Drive increaser software. By using SDATA software you can increase SD card storage.

If you’re having a working laptop or Desktop then you just need to download the SDATA Tool and increase your SD Card storage as much as you want.

Let me tell you how, If you are using 4gb of SD card or Pendrive, so you can Increase SD Card storage up to 32GB, 64GB or even up to 128GB and also can store data.

Follow all steps by picture instruction and you can increase sd card storage and pen drive storage up to 32GB so why pay hard cash for this when you can expand or increase sd card storage up to 32GB.

Actually, When I was searching on the Internet about the related to the Current Increase SD Card capacity topic.

Besides that, I got So many Posts like how to increase SD Card storage from 2GB to 128GB, How to Increase SD card memory to 128GB.

After a lot of searches, I got to know people are mostly searching about How to Increase SD Card Memory to 32GB.

If less than 64GB and this is happening by just download memory card size increaser Software.

We have to find out, How to increase SD card storage up to 64GB or 128GB by downloading a memory card capacity increaser or download a memory card size increaser software or ultimate drive increaser exe.

Let’s take dive into the steps directly and in this post, I will show you How to Increase SD card storage up to 32GB.

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How to Increase SD Card Storage: SDATA Tool

SDATA Tool is a software which Double your memory card or Pendrive space like [2GB to 4GB], [4GB to 8GB], [8GB to 16GB], [32GB to 64GB], [64GB to 128GB] in 1 click.

How to use SDATA TOOL software

No need to install, just open the software and use it.

Let’s start…!!!

Here I am using Toshiba 8GB Pendrive for giving you a tutorial on how to use SDATA TOOL software.

I am using this drive increaser software to increase the size of 8GB Pendrive storage into 16GB, you can also do it on your SD Card.
increase SD card pendrive memory space
  • See the picture I am using my Pendrive named RAJAT and drive is “:F”.
increase SD card pendrive memory space
  •  Now I choose my drive letter which is “:F” and you can choose according to your drive letter.

It always on the bottom(shown in picture) whatever you trying to increase storage SD Card or Pendrive.

increase SD card pendrive memory space
  • After choosing a drive letter, this software automatically informs you that how much you can expand your drive, just choose and click on “E-Compress NOW”.
increase SD card pendrive memory space
  • After completing the process, just check your drive this will be expanded up to double of memory and also you can store data in it.
increase SD card pendrive memory space
  • See in this picture, The storage of my Pendrive is doubled now.

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