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How to Create GIF with Giphy GIF Maker

create GIF with Giphy GIF Maker

Today I'll Show you the Easiest method to Create GIF. Yes! You can Create GIF with Giphy in just 3 minutes 45 seconds.

I am going to show you the step by step tutorial to make a GIF by using Giphy GIF Maker.

GIFs are Everywhere on social media, It just Like an Upgraded version of an Image or you can say GIF is a dynamic image.

Besides that, Sharing GIFs is the Quickest and effective method to express the emotions on social media.

If you're Feeling sad, then this GIF can better express your feelings on social media.

create GIF with Giphy GIF Maker

Are you Feeling Excited? Show this one.

create GIF with Giphy GIF Maker

GIFs are so much popular on all social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and more...

So, I am taking the benefits by sharing GIFs on social media and trust. It helps me to get tons of referral traffic from social media.

I've already published several posts on GIF. If you still don't know, Let me tell you, you can convert a video into a GIF on WhatsApp.

But, it's a Feature you can only use it in WhatsApp. So, today I will show you the easiest method to create an eye-catching GIF from Giphy and I will also show you how to download GIF project without creating a Giphy account.

Why GIFs are More Powerful than Image and Video?

GIFs are usually short but more expressive than images and video. GIFs are auto playable and the continuous loop makes it more effective than any image or video.

Also, Creating a Gif is super easy as compared to designing an image or creating a video.

Oh ya! you're going to see in this post about creating a GIF but here on Techsable, you can find many other available posts on GIF topic.

How to Make a GIF Using Giphy GIF Maker

Giphy is the Biggest source of GIFs. You can Get tons of GIF Images on Giphy's website.

There are various available methods on Giphy to create your own desired Animated Gif.

  • Convert Video Into GIF
  • Make a GIF
  • Edit GIF, Use Stickers.

So, Let's see How we can use Giphy GIF Maker tool to create a cool Animated GIF.


Follow Steps:


create GIF with Giphy GIF Maker1 Open Giphy GIF Maker >>Select Method.  Open Giphy GIF Maker by visiting this URL.

Giphy GIF Maker

You can choose photo or GIF to upload or choose a video to upload or paste the online link of any GIF, Image or Video.

I am Choosing Photo Option in this tutorial and I am going to upload a .jpg simple image.



create GIF with Giphy GIF Maker2 Select Image >>Upload to Giphy. Select any image, GIF, or Video and upload it to Giphy to edit the File.

As you can see I've uploaded a simple Techsable Image Frame but can try any kind experiments with this GIF Maker Tool.

Once you select the File, upload the File to Giphy.


create GIF with Giphy GIF Maker

3 Customize GIF File. Here in this step, you can see various kinds of customizations like Captions, sticker, Filters, draw, animations.

Lots of Stuff are here to try for the customization of GIF and creating a GIF.

Besides that, If you want basic customization into simple images, try Animation text. Giphy has a Lots of collection of Text Animations and for variation use styles.

I suggest you to try every customization one by one to understand how your image, gif or video will look after editing.


create GIF with Giphy GIF Maker

4 Save or Download the GIF.  Once your editing is complete, try these methods to download GIF on storage.

On Windows PC, Drag the cursor on Image and Right Click on it then you will see some options. Click on Save Image as...



create GIF with Giphy GIF MakerClick on Save. In this step, a new popup asking to save the GIF Image. Simple Save the GIF on your Computer.

Now you can share this GIF Everywhere on Social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter.

Hope you like this post, If you know any other way to create an Amazing GIF then please share with us.

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How to Convert Images into GIF

Convert Images into GIF

We always share cool, funny GIFs on social media like facebook, twitter. But Do you know, How to Convert images into GIF.

Yes, Today in this topic I am going to show you How to Convert images into GIF.

To know more about GIFs, you can read these posts:

I am going to make Everything simple for you to easily understand how to Convert images into GIF even if you're a beginner.

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. GIF is a moving dynamic image just works like a small video without sound. But you can also convert multiple images into a GIF image, it will work just like an images slideshow.

How to Convert Images into GIF

There are many ways to create GIF, you can also convert multiple Images into GIF by using Application, software, online gif maker and once you're familiar with all these basic methods. Take the one step ahead to do something professional by start learning to create a GIF on Photoshop.

But in this Tutorial, I am going to share with you the easiest method to convert images into GIF. This method will definitely help you to learn more about GIFs.

To Make your own GIF you need to start with two basic methods.

  1. Convert Multiple Images into GIF
  2. Cut a Short Video Part and Convert it into GIF

We've already discussed on creating a GIF from Short video part in our previous post. Now let's talk about point 1. How to convert multiple images into GIF.

GIF can define more than a picture. That's the only reason GIFs is so much popular these days on social media.

If you have a facebook page, so you can gain more page followers with the help of GIFs. Besides that, GIFs will also help you to gain more followers and user engagement on Instagram and Twitter.

Let's See How we can convert Multiple Images into GIF.


Follow Steps:

Convert Images into GIF1 Open GIF Maker >>Upload Images. Open GIF Maker Official website and click on Upload Images to upload all the images you want to convert into the GIF.

Open GIF Maker Website


Convert Images into GIF2 Select Canvas size, Animation speed, Loop, Music. Once you've uploaded all the images, Set the Animation speed, canvas size, Loop and you can also add the music in the GIF if you want.



Convert Images into GIF

3 Click on Create GIF Animation. Once you select all the desired settings, Click on Create GIF Animation.

Convert Images into GIF

4 View or Download the GIF.  Now you can view or Download the output GIF on your storage.

So, this is the easiest tutorial to convert multiple images into GIF.

If you have more new creative ideas related to GIF Topic, Feel free to share with us on Comments and through email. Also, share this post with your friends and family.

How to Convert Video into GIF on WhatsApp

How to Convert Video into GIF on WhatsApp

We've already discussed on How to convert a Video into GIF Online in our Previous post.

But In this post, I will show you the way to turning the videos into Gifs on WhatsApp. Yes! WhatsApp has a new Feature allows you to create a video into GIF also you can send directly to the WhatsApp contacts, broadcast or in groups.

Read: How to Convert Video to GIFsHow to use Animated GIF as Wallpaper on Windows

If you want to know more tips and tricks about GIFs then I recommend you to check out these above posts.

WhatsApp supports almost all videos format so you can freely convert mp4 to GIF, I mean you can make a GiFs from any video format.

How to Create and Share GIFs with WhatsApp Contacts

WhatsApp allows you to make a GIF from Video by using a short video part while sending a video to the WhatsApp contact.

Whenever you selected a video for sending to the WhatsApp contact or in a group, you can trim the video before sending. Trim and select the video part maximum up to 6sec long then you'll see a new GIF option appeared on the screen, Click on GIF Option and send to the WhatsApp contact.

This is the method of making GIF out from video on WhatsApp.

How to Convert Video into GIF on WhatsApp

Besides that, In order to convert video into GIFs on WhatsApp. Video time duration must not exceed the 6sec but you can select less video length like 3sec, 4sec.

Let's Dive into steps How we can convert a video into a GIF on WhatsApp.


Follow Steps:

How to Convert Video into GIF on WhatsApp1 Open WhatsApp Contact >> Attachment. Open WhatsApp and click on Contact, Group, Broadcast then Click on Attachment icon.



How to Convert Video into GIF on WhatsApp2 Click on Gallery >>Select Video. After Clicking on the Attachment icon, simply click on the Gallery to select the video.



How to Convert Video into GIF on WhatsApp

3 Select 6sec Video duration >> Click on GiF. Once you select a video, select the time duration maximum up to 6sec then you'll see a GIF option appeared on the screen. Click on GIF option and send the video.

How to Convert Video into GIF on WhatsApp

4 Converted Video into GIF.  That's how you can convert video into the GIF on WhatsApp easily. Now you don't need a specific software or Application to create a moving Image from video.

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How to Convert Video to GIFs

How to Convert Video to GIFs

Do you know, you can create your Own GiFs by converting a Video to GiFs.

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. GIF is a moving dynamic image just works like a small video without sound.

When you play a GIF Image, it will continuously play in a loop. All the Live Wallpaper you've seen in Android and iPhone, most of the Live Wallpapers are inspired by GIF Images because if you see with focus, then you can also see the loop in Live Wallpapers.

We're continuously using GIF Images on all biggest Social Networking Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Let's find out how we can convert a video to GIFs Image. Besides that, I will tell you the way to create an Effective engaging Funny GIF Image from a video.

How to Convert Video to GIFs

There are many available GIF Maker apps, software, websites, and some other online tools which can help you to convert a video to GIFs.

Besides that, You can also make a professional GIFs by using photoshop but it's not too easy for beginners.

Let's start with the two easiest methods for creating a GIF Image.

  1. Multiple Images to GIFs
  2. Video to GIFs

Multiple Images to GIFs: If you've ever created an Images slideshow, it will easy for you to understand how this method works.

In this GIF Method, you can convert Multiple images into GIF Image. If you want to Share Some images on social media with the never-ending images scrolling loop, Creating a GIF Image would be a great option. Also, you can change the images scrolling speed and put some text into it.

Video to GIFs: In this method, You can cut some funny or important part from a video and create a GIF from GIF Maker.

The Easiest and effective method to create GIFs Images from video. You can get popularity on social media so easily if you use this method correctly.

Mostly the Effective GIF Images running time is 4 to 6sec Long.

How to Make Funny GIF from Video

If you have a running Facebook page or you want to make your Instagram, twitter account popular then you need to learn how to make a .GIF because a Funny GIFs is such an eye-catching media and it will definitely help you to gain more followers and their attention.

Play a funny video, select and cut the video part maximum up to 5sec would be good. Make sure to cut the funniest reaction because there is no sound in GiF Image.

Once you cut the short video part, let's see how we can convert Video to GIFs.


Follow Steps:

How to Convert Video to GIFs1 Open EzGIF Website >>Upload Video. Firstly Open the Ezgif Online GIF Maker Tool and upload the short video part.

Open EZGIF Website



How to Convert Video to GIFs2 Select the Start and End Time. Once you upload the video, Select the video start and end time duration to get the exact part from the video.



How to Convert Video to GIFs

3 Convert to GIF. Select the Size, Frame rate, method and tick the Optimized for the static background then click on Convert to GIF.

How to Convert Video to GIFs

4 Save the GIF.  In the Output section, you will get the converted GIF Image.

On PC, Right click on the image and save it. On Smartphone, Tap and hold the output image to save the GIF.

If this post is helpful for you, share with your friends.

How to use Animated GIF as Wallpaper on Windows

How to use Animated GIF as Wallpaper on Windows

Do you want to know, How to use Gif as wallpaper on your Windows PC?

There are many available ways for using moving desktop wallpapers on Windows, using screensaver also a good option but there are some restrictions and limitations for using a screensaver as moving desktop backgrounds.

Besides that, you can install animated desktop background wallpaper themes. But finding a favorite theme is such a difficult task.

Windows theme installer is very effective in Windows 10 but if you're running lower Windows version, you need a different method.

In this Tutorial, I am going to show you how to use any animated gif as wallpaper on windows.

You just need to download a simple utility software for using gif image as windows wallpaper.

But Before that, let me tell you how and where to find Animated gif images for download.

The Most Importantly, Download high-quality gif Animated images. So that the gif image covers the whole desktop screen just like any wallpaper.

I am telling you my personal method to find gif wallpapers.

Giphy is the biggest website where you can find tons of animated moving gif images. Also, you can search on Google Images.

Try these keywords on Google Images, PC gif as wallpaper, gif as wallpaper computer background, moving desktop background gifs.

These all above keywords will definitely help you to find gif images on Google.

Let us Find out, How to use Animated Gif as wallpaper on windows.


Follow Steps:

How to use Animated GIF as Wallpaper on Windows1 Download Bionix Software.  Download the Bionix Utility Software on your Windows system by using below link. It will redirect you to the Bionix Official Website direct download link.

Download Bionix Software

Once you opened the Page, scroll down then you will see "here is a Download Link". Simply click on the Link to download the software.



How to use Animated GIF as Wallpaper on Windows2 Install the Software. After Downloading, simply install the software on your Windows PC.



How to use Animated GIF as Wallpaper on Windows

3 Click on the Folder icon to Select Gif Folder. After completing the installation process, Bionix Video Animator Software will open on your Windows Screen.

Now you need to select the Folder where gif images are located.

Note: Before selecting, Make sure to move All gif images in a Folder, don't leave open gifs without folder because in this Bionix Software you can select Folder only and the software will locate all gifs inside the Folder.


How to use Animated GIF as Wallpaper on Windows

4 Select GIF Folder.  Some Hidden Camera detector Apps are Available on Google Play store for finding the Hidden cameras but I know what's the accuracy level of these hidden camera finder apps. You have to figure it out manually.


How to use Animated GIF as Wallpaper on WindowsSelect Gif >>Click on Start. After selecting the Folder, you will see the list of all the gifs located inside the Folder.

Select any gif and Click on start to show up on the Windows Desktop.


How to use Animated GIF as Wallpaper on Windows

Gif is Awesome. I tried with small gif image and its a screen captured video which I converted into the gif image. If you Use High-Quality Animated gif as Wallpaper. It will definitely look awesome.

Motorola One Power Review, Price, Full Specifications

motorola one power

Motorola One Power has Finally launched in India on September 24, 2018. Motorola One Power Price in India is Rs.15,999.

This Motorola One Power is a Complete Package and it will definitely make the space in the world of Smartphone’s Competition.

Motorola Smartphones are best known for Quality, design, Trust and also for some decent features Turbo-charging, Water resistant. Motorola One Power will definitely fulfill all your basic needs and it comes in only 15,999.

What is Good?

Good Battery Life
Turbo Charging
Water Proof

Value for money

What is Bad?

No Video Stabilization
Heavy Weighted
Average Low Light Camera Performance

Quick Specifications

DisplayCamera Processor 
6.2 inch12MP Front, 16MP+5MP Rear1.8 GHz octa-core
4 GBAndroid One Oreo 8.15000 mAh
64 GBSnapdragon 636205 g




techsableRs. 15,999


Motorola One Power: Camera

moto one power camera

If you talk about Motorola One Power Camera, 16+5MP Rear with dual Flash allows you to take decent pictures even in the Low light. But the Camera Performance could be better, you will see the missing major details when you use the camera in low light.

You can take smart selfies with 12MP Front Camera with Flash. You can take selfies by blurring the background in portrait mode, also you can adjust the blurring level.

Motorola One Power Allows you to record Video in Full HD 4k Resolution but Video Stabilization is missing in this smartphone.

Video Stabilization provides stability to the shaky video. If your Smartphone has video stabilization, you’ll get stable video recording even when you’re running.

Motorola One Power: Performance

motorola one power gaming

Motorola One power comes with 4GB of RAM with Adreno 506 GPU will provide you decent gaming Experience. You can also use multiple Apps in the Background and this smartphone can handle easily.

Good RAM management, Stock Android One Program with less pre-installed Applications will provide you complete satisfying overall Performance in Motorola One Power.

Motorola One Power: Battery

motorola one power battery

Aaah, Battery is the highlight of Motorola One Power. It comes with giant 5000 mAh Battery. Motorola says A Full Charge Battery will provide you 2 Days of Battery Backup.

Also, 15W Turbo Charging will provide 6 hours of Battery by 15min of Charging.

Motorola One Power: Display & Design

motorola one power display

motorola one power

Full HD+ 19:9 ratio Display provide you decent visual experience. It also works well in sunlight. You’re also getting Notch in this First Motorola Smartphone.

This Smartphone is a little bulky. Because of heavy 5000mAh battery installed in this smartphones affects the weight, width, and design of this Smartphones.

You can’t hold Motorola One Power for Hours because of its 205g Weight. But this is ignorable because this smartphone providing decent features in satisfied price.


Motorola One Power: Full Specifications


Release dateSept 2018
Form factorTouchscreen
Dimensions (mm)156 x 76 x 8.98
Weight (g)205.00
Battery capacity (mAh)5000
Quick chargingYes, Turbo Charging
Removable BatteryNo
Water ProofYes, Water Protection – P2i
Sound EnhancementDolby Audio with 2 mic



Screen Size (inch)6.2
Display TypeLTPS IPS
Resolution1080×2246 pixels
Pixel Density (pixel per inch)403 PPI
Aspect Ratio19:9



Processor1.8 GHz octa-core
Processor ChipsetQualcomm Snapdragon 636
GPU430Mhz Adreno 509
Internal Storage64 GB
Expandable StorageYes
Expandable storage up to256 GB
Expandable storage typeMicroSD



Rear Camera16MP+5MP (f/1.8, 1.12-micron)
Rear FlashYes, Dual Flash
Front Camera12MP (f/2.0, 1.25-micron)
Front FlashYes
Video RecordingYes, Full HD



Operating SystemAndroid One
Android VersionAndroid Oreo 8.1
Upgradable Operating SystemAndroid P
UIClean Stock Android



Wi-Fi standards supported802.11 a/b/g/n
Internet Connectivity4G, 3G, Wi-Fi, EDGE
BluetoothYes, v5.0
OTG SupportYes
Number of SIMs2



Fingerprint SensorYes
Proximity sensorYes
Ambient Light sensorYes


Xiaomi Redmi Y2 Review: Full Specs, Price, Budget Smartphone Under 10K

xiaomi redmi y2 techsable

Xiaomi Redmi Y2 smartphone was launched in June 2018. The phone comes with a 5.99-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 720 pixels by 1440 pixels. Xiaomi Redmi Y2 price in India starts from Rs. 9,999.

The Xiaomi Redmi Y2 is powered by 2GHz octa-core processor and it comes with 3GB of RAM. The phone packs 32GB of internal storage that can be expanded up to 256GB via a microSD card. As far as the cameras are concerned, the Xiaomi Redmi Y2 packs a 12-megapixel (f/2.2, 1.25-micron) primary camera on the rear and a 16-megapixel front shooter for selfies.

The Xiaomi Redmi Y2 is powered by a 3080mAh non-removable battery. It measures 160.73 x 77.26 x 8.10 (height x width x thickness) and weighs 170.00 grams.

The Xiaomi Redmi Y2 is a dual SIM (GSM and GSM) smartphone that accepts Nano-SIM and Nano-SIM. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, Infrared, Micro-USB, 3G and 4G (with support for Band 40 used by some LTE networks in India). Sensors on the phone include a Fingerprint sensor, Compass/ Magnetometer, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, and Gyroscope.

best smartphone under 10k

Redmi Y2 is a Budget Smartphone for the buyers, but it comes with a low-resolution big display which makes the Display Quality okay.

You will get 3080mAh Battery which is quite low for the power user. But, also this is the budget smartphones comes with lots of new features like Beauty mode.

Let’s have a look at Redmi Y2 Postive, negative list with Full Detailed Specifications and price.


  • Budget Smartphone
  • Good Daylight Camera Performance
  • Large Display 5.99 inch
  • Good Battery Life


  • No Quick Charging
  • No Water Repellent
  • Bad Low light Camera Performance
  • Low-Resolution Display


Quick Specifications

DisplayCamera Processor 
5.99 inch16MP Front, 12MP+5MP Rear1.3 GHz octa-core
3 GBAndroid Oreo 8.13400 mAh
32 GBSnapdragon 645168 gm



Price :

techsableRs. 9,999

techsableRs. 9,999



Xiaomi Redmi Y2 Full Specifications



Release dateJune 2018
Form factorTouchscreen
Dimensions (mm)160.73 x 77.26 x 8.10
Weight (g)168.00
Battery capacity (mAh)3080
Fast chargingNo
Removable BatteryNo
ColoursDark Grey, Gold, Rose Gold



Screen Size (inch)5.99
Resolution720×1440 pixels
Aspect Ratio18:9



Processor1.3 GHz octa-core
Processor MakeSpandragon 625
Internal Storage32 GB
Expandable StorageYes
Expandable storage up to256 GB
Expandable storage typeMicroSD



Rear Camera12MP+5MP (f/2.2, 1.25-micron)
Rear FlashYes
Front Camera16MP
Front FlashYes



Operating SystemAndroid Oreo 8.1
SkinMIUI 9.5



Wi-Fi standards supported802.11 b/g/n
BluetoothYes, v 4.20
OTG SupportYes
Number of SIMs2



Fingerprint SensorYes
Compass/ Magnetic SensorYes
Proximity sensorYes
Ambient Light sensorYes


How To Detect Hidden Cameras and Microphones in the Room

How To Detect Hidden Cameras in the Room

How can we detect hidden cameras in the room is such a big Question if we talk about Privacy and Security.

If you travel a lot, going on a Vacation, frequently changes your rental room. You must seriously know more about detecting a hidden camera if you don't want to compromise your private moments.

Although, Hidden Spy Cameras can be very tiny even the lens can be as small as a pen pinpoint. You need to aware before and after getting an entry into the new room because if you're not aware of Hidden surveillance cameras, your privacy and security can be compromised anytime.

So, "The Biggest Question is How to Detect Hidden Cameras in minutes".

After a lot of research, I got some detailed information about this topic which is going to be very beneficial for you to detect hidden cameras and microphones.

These Two Questions are the Base of this Topic and we're going to find the answers of these most necessary Questions for detecting a hidden spy camera.

#1.  Which are the most Suspicious and Most Common places to Find Hidden Cameras and Microphones?

#2.  How to Detect Hidden Cameras and Microphones?

Hidden Spy cameras can be inserted anywhere, also in such small places and you can't even locate it with naked eyes.

Firstly we need to know the most Common placed where Hidden Spy Cameras can be Found.

Most Common Places to Find Hidden Cameras & Microphones

Detecting a Hidden Camera & Listening devices is a difficult task because of their small sizes. But Finding a Hidden Camera can be very easy if you already knew where to find.

  • Television
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Air Filter Equipment
  • book Shelves
  • Desk Plants
  • Fake Mirror
  • Toy's Eye
  • Adaptor
  • Unknown Electrical wires & Equipment

Inspect the Entire room physically, check everything one by one. Also, try to listen the sound because a working Hidden Camera produces an inaudible buzz.

Read Also: How To Hack and Watch any Online CCTV Camera Live! (Worldwide)

Hidden Spy Cameras can be tiny but you can locate the small hole of the camera lens easily if you focus on the right place.

How to Detect Hidden Cameras and Microphones in a Room

Here, I am going to share with you the Eight Steps and each step is a way to detect any hidden cameras inside the room.

All 8 Ways are Working great to find and detect hidden cameras & Microphones. But If you ask me, I always use 1st Step because it's most accurate and the best way to find any kind of wired or non-wired Hidden Surveillance Camera and Microphone.

Let's dive into it and see how these 8 Ways can help us to Find Hidden Cameras and Microphones within minutes.


Follow Steps:

How To Detect Hidden Cameras in the Room1 Buy an RF Detector (Most Accurate and Cheapest way to Find Hidden Cameras & Microphones).  This I suggest you buy this Radio Frequency Detector if you don't want to compromise your private moments.

This RF detector is available on Amazon at a very cheapest price, I bought it because I travel a lot. I used to carry RF Detector in my bag and When I get a room, firstly I inspect the room with RF detector.

You don't believe me but I tell you that I found 4 Hidden Camera till now. So, I Found this RF detector most Accurate and also available on Amazon at the cheapest price.

Enable the RF Detector, Take RF detector near the suspicious places you want to check and RF detector starts producing a Beep sound if hidden is inserted.


How To Detect Hidden Cameras in the Room2 Look at all the stuff in the room and check everything Physically. Firstly, Check out Everything physically. Walk in the room and inspect everything physically.



How To Detect Hidden Cameras in the Room

3 Find the Blinking Light in the Dark Room. Turn the Room's Light off, Most of the Hidden cameras produces a blinking light which you can easily catch in a dark room.


How To Detect Hidden Cameras in the Room

4 Use Hidden Camera Detector Apps.  Some Hidden Camera detector Apps are Available on Google Play store for finding the Hidden cameras but I know what's the accuracy level of these hidden camera finder apps. You have to figure it out manually.




How To Detect Hidden Cameras in the RoomUse Phone's Flashlight to Detect Hidden Cameras. You can locate a Hidden camera in a room by using Flashlight. But you need to Turn the Lights off because of the Hidden camera lens can be found if you put a flashlight on the camera lens in the dark then camera lens will reflect the light and you can catch the Hidden camera.


How To Detect Hidden Cameras in the RoomCheck the Mirror in Room. If you're in a room, Mall, store, anywhere you're using a changing room or having a big mirror in the room. You need to check the Mirror is Real or Fake.

Yes! There are two types of common mirrors, one way sided (Real mirror) and Two way sided (Fake mirror for us).

See in the Image, You can check the mirror is Real of Fake by touching your Fingernail and see if there is a gap between your Fingernail and mirror image, this is a Real Mirror.

But if you found no gap between your Fingernail and mirror image then there is a high chance you're standing in front of a fake mirror and maybe you've been watched from the other side.

If you found a suspicious mirror, I suggest you don't stand in front of the mirror, you can cover it from a bed sheet.

If you actually found the Hidden camera spying on you, Call the Police.



How To Detect Hidden Cameras in the RoomFocus on Your Ears and Try to listen to an inaudible buzz.  Turn Off all the Electronic Equipment in the room. Sit Peacefully and try to listen to the sound of Hidden Camera.

If there is a Hidden spy camera, you can locate the camera by hearing the disturbing sound of Hidden Camera. Because All the Hidden Camera Cameras and Microphones produces an inaudible buzz.




How To Detect Hidden Cameras in the RoomFind and Detect Hidden Spy Surveillance Cameras and Microphones Using Phone Call.  If there is a Hidden Surveillance Camera or Microphone installed in your Room, you will get a disturbing sound during a phone call because Hidden Cameras and Microphones interrupts Phone's network in the room.

Place a Call inside the Room and outside the Room, If you're getting some shitty sound during a phone call inside the room then there is maybe a Hidden camera installed in your room.

How to Use Software Trial Forever Using Run As Date

How to Use Paid Software Trial Version Forever Free in Windows

If you can't purchase a software but still wants to use the trial version for some more days then Run As Date free Software will definitely help you to convert paid software into free software just like you freeze the trial software.

Paid Windows Softwares allows you to use 30 days free software trial after the 30 days you've to purchase in order to use the software.

Do you know, you can extend 30 days trial software to run forever.

Some utility programs allow using the trial software again and again by just extending the date and time manually.

Run As Date and Time Stopper I've found this two software with higher success rate.

Time Stopper: Time Stopper is a utility program works as a time and date stopper. It stops the running time and date of trial software so you can use it forever. Time stopper freeze trial software.

Honestly, I don't think Time stopper is a Good utility program because Time and date stopper software has the lower success rate as compared to Run as Date free software.

Run As Date: Run As Date is a utility program allows to use the trial software as a free software.

Run As Date doesn't crack demo version software nor hacking trial software even doesn't edit or modify trial software version installed in the Windows PC.

The Run As Date creates and Add a modified software copy on the desktop, you can extend up to 30 days in added Software copy, also you can use trial software again and again.

Run As Date can also be helpful in such a case when you want to purchase a software and want to try the trial software little more for testing.

How to Use Run As Date Free Software to Use Paid Software Trial Forever Free

RunAsDate is a small utility that allows you to run a program in the date and time that you specify.

RunAsDate allows you to run multiple applications simultaneously but you can execute them at different times depending on what you need them carrying out. So for example, you could execute a disk cleaning tool to run at one time and a P2P to run at another.

The good thing is that RunAsDate can be executed without installation so it can run off a USB stick if necessary. In the main window of RunAsDate, you can select the desired date and time and the application that you want to run.

Besides that, you can use command-line parameters to run the program by selecting the "Run" button to start the application with the specified date/time.

RunAsDate is a useful task scheduler that's not the best looking or most comprehensive around but at least makes things simple.

Run As Date is a Free Software you can download from the official website to try it on your Windows PC for extending the trial period of popular software like Adobe trial, Photoshop trial or Winzip trial.

But One thing you've to understand that RunAsDate won't work with Every Software.

According to me, Run As Date Free Software comes with 60 to 65% success rate. So, if it doesn't work for on one software, try on another software.

You've to try in order to extend 30 days trial software because this is the only one software has some decent success rate.

Let's dive into the steps to see How can we use the trial software forever by using Run As Date software.


Follow Steps:

How to Unzip Files on Windows1 Download Run As Date from Official Website.  You need to Download the Run As Date software in order to extend the 30 days software trial period.

Download RunAsDate

How to Use Paid Software Trial Version Forever Free in Windows2 Extract the Downloaded Zip File and Click on RunAsDate.Exe File. Once you download the RunAsdate from the official website.
You need to unzip the Zip File, if you don't know how to unzip the zip file then read this post: How to Unzip Files on Windows
Extract the zip File then Double click to open the RunAsDate.exe File.

 How to Use Paid Software Trial Version Forever Free in Windows

3 Click on Browse to Select the Software.  FHere, you need to select the trial expired software exe file located on the path Local (C:) >>Program Files (x86).

Click on Browse and Select the Software exe File, make sure to select the correct file.

How to Use Paid Software Trial Version Forever Free in Windows

4 Follow this Path and select the Software.  Click on Browse then Go to the path Local (C:) >>Program Files (x86) and select the installed software .exe File then click on Open.





How to Use Paid Software Trial Version Forever Free in WindowsCheck the Installed Date of Selected Software. We need to know the exact date of Software installed in Windows PC.

How to Use Paid Software Trial Version Forever Free in WindowsChange Month and Click on Create Desktop Shortcut. We've checked the installation date in the previous step and now type the exact date and year, just change the month set to next month.

Suppose, Today is 18-September-2018 and the software expired today then enter the date 18-October-2018, just change the month and use the same day and year.

Once you entered the date, click on Create Desktop Shortcut, also you can enter the label to easily recognize the shortcut on the desktop screen as I wrote Free trial ms office.


How to Use Paid Software Trial Version Forever Free in WindowsUse Trial Software Forever.  Here is your Software shortcut on the desktop. Start using 30 Days free trial again and you can do this process again and again to use trial software forever free.

How to Unzip Files on Windows

How to Unzip Files on Windows

You're reading this post, it means you probably have a zip File but don't know how to open a zip file. I'll teach you in just 4 easy steps on how to unzip files on windows.

If you search on internet about How to zip a file or How to unzip a File then you will definitely get the name of a popular zip file opener Software called Winzip.

Winzip is the most popular Software for doing these kinds of stuff in Windows like zip extractor, rar opener, File Compressor and much more features you can get in Winzip Software but Winzip is not a Free Software.

You will get 21 days of Winzip Free trial then you've to purchase the software. If you can pay, Winzip is the best Software you can download from the official website.

But In this tutorial, I will teach you how to unzip files on Windows by using a Free Software.

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How to Unzip Files on Windows using a Free Software

If you want to unzip any file on Windows with the help of free unzip software then I have a software suggestion for you which is 7-zip.

7-zip is a utility software for Windows comes with clean and simple user interface also has a variety of features like:

  • File compressor
  • Create zip file
  • Rar opener
  • unzip file

I am using the 7-zip software in my Windows system for 2 years and didn't get a single error till yet. I also recommend you to try 7-zip software because its Free.

In this tutorial, I will show you How to unzip a folder and open a zip file by using 7-zip Free Software.


Follow Steps:


How to Unzip Files on Windows1 Move zip File in Empty Folder.  This step is not compulsory but I suggest you move the zip file in empty Folder. So you can easily recognize the unzipped or Extracted Folder.


How to Unzip Files on Windows2 Download 7-zip Software. Now go to the official website and download the 7-zip software.

If you're using Windows 64bit then download 64bit Software and if using Windows 32bit then download the 32bit 7-zip software. Simply Download and Install the software on your Windows PC.


 How to Unzip Files on Windows

3 Right Click on the Zip File >>7-zip >>Extract Files.  Once the Software installed in your Windows Software, Right click on the zip File then you will see some options on the menu. Drag your cursor to the 7-zip option then you will see an Extract Files option, click on it.

There are many other ways to unzip files by using this software but this is the easiest method I am showing you in this tutorial. I suggest you Explore all the features and method yourself in free time.

How to Unzip Files on Windows

4 Unzipped Folder is here.  In just one click, you got unzipped folder. this is how you can Easily unzip files on Windows.