SSL Certificate Lifecycle Management

Did you ever go insane because of Cyber Attacks? Then there is the key solution for such… SSL Certificate Lifecycle Management

Nowadays it’s very common for any startups, or small-scale businesses to get attacked by cyber attackers, and this happens regularly if your certificate’s lifecycle lapses

It plays a very vital role in protecting your data, and network from pretenders, and hackers which then destroys your cybersecurity and ends you in a data breach.

So, you want to acknowledge the importance of SSL, and I will make it done for you. Let’s get straight into the topic


SSL Certificate Lifecycle Management

For a better understanding of SSL Certificate Lifecycle Management tools and their importance, it becomes crucial for you all to first know what is an SSL Certificate and its lifecycle

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate Lifecycle Management

SSL in full form is a Secure Socket Layer that is contained by Public key infrastructures (PKI) with special key pair.

This combination in turn helps the users to ensure their data is encrypted and stored safe from cyberattacks.

If you have any kind of website, you’re website not going to get organic traffic from google if you’re not using HTTPS (Hypertext transfer protocol service) which you can get by using a security service.

The new or existing user has to go through a verification process to gain access to their portal, which is signature-based and is sent by the paired public keys

These public keys are bound to the SSL Certificate to authenticate the digital signature and details Of the person trying to contact the server or cloud.

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SSL Certificate Lifecycle

SSL Certificate Lifecycle Management

It becomes important to water a plant for its growth. In the same way, it becomes important to protect and renew an SSL Certificate when it is assigned for network protection

The expiration of an SSL(Secret Socket Layer) end’s up inviting cyberattacks and leaves you in your bad books. So, you want to make sure you renew your protection once in a while.


SSL Certificates may go through some of the stages listed below when a certificate for a device is needed:

  • Storage
  • Creation
  • Request
  • Authentication
  • Renew
  • Destroy
  • Revoke
  • Vigilance

The management of SSL certificates requires constant vigilance when being verified the validity of certificates. The SSL certificate management also includes renewing any expired certificates to be sure the SSL ones are properly placed.

It is always recommended by Cybersecurity experts that there must be no chance of having a certificate lifecycle lapse, which creates vulnerability to the protection and cause a data breach.


Master your Digital Security Strategy

Generally, unicorn businesses have a pile of devices on their network. Now let it be a unicorn or a small case business, they all want certificates as many as their devices to manage it.

Now here comes the role of automating certificates into the light.  It is not so expensive and also ensures better protection for your network.

There are a few companies like Sectigo that help you modernize how you can maintain your SSL certificate and PKI management system for your network protection.

Below are a few SSL Certificate options you can opt for that best secure your network:

So, what are you waiting for? Go have an SSL Certificate of your own and ensure better protection for you and your confidential network.

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