Editorial Policy

At Techsable, We strive to maintain high journalistic standards in order to present our readers with unique and high-quality articles and news. By writing for us, you agree to these terms and accept that if you do not follow them, your post may be rejected. You will sign a contract with us that will require you to agree to this policy in writing.

Writing Rules KeyPoints

  • Article Must Be At Least 1500 Words ( Well Written Short Article will also get Accepted)
  • Marketing & Promotional Articles will be Rejected within Seconds
  • It’ll be Great if your Article is SEO Optimized
  • Your Article must Follow Google Search Guidelines
  • Copied Article will be Rejected (Make sure it’s Plagiarism Free & Unique)
  • Article Topics must be Tech Related

Originality & Uniqueness

We expect all articles to be completely 100% unique. They should pass plagiarism checks like Copyscape and others. Only ‘never-before-published’ content should be sent to our editors for approval. It is critical that you concentrate on writing material that is useful to our viewers. Plagiarism or articles spun from a previously published article will be rejected.

Data and Claims Check

We’ll Check your Article data and claims regarding the facts and Information you’ve mentioned inside the Article. If our team found any false information, your Article will be removed without informing you. We easily detect if the article is published on another site before. After Verification, only 100% of original Articles will be accepted by our team and get a place in Techsable.

Always try to provide empirical evidence to back up your claims. To back up your claims, you can include images, graphs, and screenshots. You should avoid using a claim in your article if no authority websites or experts back it up. If we discover that any of the sponsored article clients is making spam links to the article, we have complete authority to remove the article without notice, and the Paid Article fee is non-refundable.

Valuable Content

All of the articles you write should be useful to our readers. Your article should have a clear goal that must be met in order to be valuable. We hope to provide articles that will keep our readers up to date on the latest financial news while also assisting them in understanding the nuances of various financial instruments. All articles should be completely unbiased, with no promotion or marketing of any currency, market, or company.

Marketing & Promotion

No claims or information about a finance/company/person should be included in an article for marketing or promotional purposes. Your article’s title, subheadings, and content should always be straightforward and unbiased. You should not include any links to articles that promote a company/currency/person. We strongly advise against including promotional/marketing links in our articles.

Our Readers

Keep in mind that our readers are not the general public, but rather people who are genuinely interested in Tech. Your articles should always include useful information for readers who are already familiar with the Tech world. Our goal is to provide them with the most recent Tech information, Tips, Tricks, and helpful tutorials. Therefore, always write Articles that add value to our valuable readers.

Article’s Acceptance

The editorial board is solely responsible for the article’s acceptance. Our editors have the authority to accept or reject without an explanation. We will inform you if an article is accepted. Each board decision will be final and binding to all writers.

When Writing For Us

When writing for us, make sure you double-check everything with reliable sources. Despite the fact that we have shorter schedules for publishing on our platform, we believe it is critical to focus on the legitimacy of each piece before it is published. Make sure that each of the Articles and statistics mentioned in the post has empirical evidence.

We expect you to adhere to this editorial policy in order to produce high-quality content for our readers.

Mail us your piece of content at Support@techsable.com