Thursday, April 19, 2018
Increase USB Pendrive Storage

How to Increase USB Pendrive Storage Up To 16GB

 In this post, we are talking about how to expand any Sd storage or Pendrive storage size up to 16GB by using SDATA TOOL software. By using this software...
install app on android through windows pc

How to Install App on Android through Windows PC

Installing an Android app without touching Android Device is not that so useful but it’s a creative thing you can try. Do you know, you...
Enable on screen keyboard on windows

How To Enable and Use Onscreen Keyboard in Windows

Do you know windows offers Onscreen keyboard you can use it with a mouse or any controller device. You can use it in any task...
Format SD Card windows unable to Format

How To Format SD Card if Windows Unable to Format

If you’re unable to format your SD Card and windows is also unable to format your SD Card, you can try this command prompt...
hack windows login password

How To Hack/Bypass Windows Login Password

In this Tutorial, you’re going to learn How to Hack/Bypass Windows Login Password. We’re using a software named Kon-Boot for bypassing Password of Windows...
use windows full performance potential

How To Use your Windows PC to its Full Potential

If you have a Windows system which is not performing well so this post is going to be very helpful for you. In a windows...
increase hard drive storage space on windows

How To Increase Hard Disk Space in Windows

Everyone always wants to increase data storage in this digital world, I am sure you’re one of them. Curious internet users always try to search...
increase usb pendrive storage space

How to Increase USB Pendrive Storage Using NTFS Compression

If you wanted to store data more than the capacity of your Pendrive, so here the easiest way for you to increase Pendrive's storage...
hack cctv camera android

How To Hack and Watch any Online CCTV Camera Live! (Worldwide)

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Camera available everywhere and widely grown for security purposes all across the world.   Search find and watch any CCTV camera which...
create command prompt calculator in windows

How To Make a Calculator by Using Command Prompt in Windows

Create your Own Calculator by using Command Prompt in windows is such a creative thing, Just Follow some simple steps and make your own...



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