Transfer Files via Google

Now it’s a cinch to transfer files via Google within your own android devices with the new update.

Google has recently announced its new update Self-Share, for all Android devices, making it useful for many people around to Transfer Files via Google.

After you choose the self-share option, you can see your android devices sharing the files automatically.

The update also enables sharing files even after the screen goes off. So, there is no need to email a file from your phone to another device like tablets, Chromebook, etc.


You can be able to see the self-share update in the next coming weeks.

We are not done yet. Additional updates are yet to come for Android devices from Google. But, it is not obvious when are they featured on our devices.

Moving further, android has a feature called sound notifications which are specially designed for people who struggle with listening.

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Now It’s Easy to Transfer Files via Google

When the feature is enabled, people can automatically listen to the common sounds in their alerts like the doorbell ringing, a baby crying, and more.

Transfer Files via Google

The user can also be able to customize or add any new sound alerts to their android devices just by taping and holding the record button. Later he can label the alert as he wishes to.

It is so eye-catching update that allows the user to personalize how he wants to be notified. Feel a buzz when the dog needs to get out, see a flash when someone is knocking at the door, etc.


More From Google

SharePlay-style options are also featuring very soon on Android devices. The update allows you, to play games and watch YouTube videos with up to 100 friends and family members.

The update includes many striking features as discussed in the Youtube Video.

You can also select your movies on TV with audio descriptions. It is now effortless to find movies through Google Assistant, all to do is, say “Search audio description movies”.

So stay tuned for the google updates to hit your Android Devices, which are going to happen very soon.


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