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How to Block Spam texts on iPhone? Do it in 5 minutes.

block spam text on iphone

I will show you How to Block Spam texts on iPhone Easily in different ways. Using the iPhone helped secure our privacy. But with time the spammers have too developed, they now have been spamming iPhones regularly. Scams are being noticed every day.

They have been tricking people from sending spam messages from common or little-known numbers, instead of those system-generated SMS. It gets frustrating, isn’t it?

But not being able to do anything against them or to stop them makes one more frustrating.

The company claims they have taken certain measures to prevent these scenarios. But if you still receive spam messages, do not worry. In this blog, I will guide you through certain ways to help you block those spammers on your iPhone.

How to Block Spam Texts on iPhone

Categorize messages from unknown numbers in different folders

Block Spam texts on iPhone


Yes, it is an easy way to remove spam messages from your message list. This feature will send messages received from unsaved/unknown numbers in another list. You will still receive those spam messages but these messages will be categorized as messages from unknown numbers, so won’t see them.

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Block & Report Spam Messages Using the Carrier

  1. Go to Settings app
  2. Search and open “Messages”.

Turn on the “Filter Unknown Sender” option.

2. Report Spam messages.

Block Spam texts on iPhone

iMessage provides a feature to report messages from unknown numbers. If that message seems spam to you, click on Report Junk and then on Delete and Report Junk.

This deletes the message from your phone and reports to Apple about that spam message. Apple processes the report and if it spams Apple blocks that sender to send you the messages further.

Block spam messages using the carrier

Block Spam texts on iPhone

Not only spam messages but spam calls are increasing day by day. Getting rid of them at a personal level is getting difficult. You can use the spam-blocking services provided.

Verizon Call filter  


It has free as well as premium services. It figures out high-risk potential spam calls and blocks them from calling you. It identifies spam from analytics and databases that detect spam calls regularly. It reports those spam numbers to take further action against them.

It filters out system-generated calls and blocks them. Its premium features include viewing Caller ID, Spam lookup, Personal blocklist, Spam risk meter, and blocking calls from certain areas.

T-Mobile scam shield

T-Mobile scam shield

This is another great carrier that helps you to block spam completely. It automatically detects potential spammers and blocks them from calling or texting you. You can view Caller ID, and check about spammers. It provides you with the feature of an allow list. Contacts included in allow lists are never blocked.

Its premium features allow you to block personal numbers, blocks call from survey companies and telemarketers, and show information about the caller.

There are many other carriers too, but these two are highly rated among them. Third-party apps to block spam on iPhone.



Saying of third-party apps used to block spam calls and text we need to be highly sure about their privacy. These third-party apps need special permission to manage our call logs and data. So you must choose and trustworthy and reputed app to avoid scams.

Among all such apps, Robokiller is the most trusted and reputed app. It blocks spam calls and text completely and has additional features too. You can check out more about this app and download it from their official website.

These were some easy and effective ways to keep you safe from scams and block annoying spam calls and messages. I hope using this method; you have successfully blocked those spammers.

Did you find this blog helpful? Tell us in the comment section. If you know of any other way to block spam, let us know.



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