How To Detect Hidden Cameras in the Room

How can we detect hidden cameras in the room is such a big Question if we talk about Privacy and Security.

If you travel a lot, going on a Vacation, frequently changes your rental room. You must seriously know more about detecting a hidden camera if you don’t want to compromise your private moments.

Although, Hidden Spy Cameras can be very tiny even the lens can be as small as a pen pinpoint and it doesn’t need the help any software to run.

You need to aware before and after getting an entry into the new room because if you’re not aware of Hidden surveillance cameras, your privacy and security can be compromised anytime.

So, “The Biggest Question is How to Detect Hidden Cameras in minutes”.

After a lot of research, I got some detailed information about this topic which is going to be very beneficial for you to detect hidden cameras and microphones.

These Two Questions are the Base of this Topic and we’re going to find the answers of these most necessary Questions for detecting a hidden spy camera.

#1.  Which are the most Suspicious and Most Common places to Find Hidden Cameras and Microphones?

#2.  How to Detect Hidden Cameras and Microphones?

Hidden Spy cameras can be inserted anywhere, also in such small places and you can’t even locate it with naked eyes.

Firstly we need to know the most Common placed where Hidden Spy Cameras can be Found.

Most Common Places to Find Hidden Cameras & Microphones

Detecting a Hidden Camera & Listening devices is a difficult task because of their small sizes. But Finding a Hidden Camera can be very easy if you already knew where to find.

  • Television
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Air Filter Equipment
  • book Shelves
  • Desk Plants
  • Fake Mirror
  • Toy’s Eye
  • Adaptor
  • Unknown Electrical wires & Equipment

Inspect the Entire room physically, check everything one by one. Also, try listen to the sound because a working Hidden Camera produces an inaudible buzz.

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Hidden Spy Cameras can be tiny but you can locate the small hole of the camera lens easily if you focus on the right place.

How to Detect Hidden Cameras and Microphones in a Room

Here, I am going to share with you the Eight Steps and each step is a way to detect any hidden cameras inside the room.

All 8 Ways are Working great to find and detect hidden cameras & Microphones. But If you ask me, I always use 1st Step because it’s most accurate and the best way to find any kind of wired or non-wired Hidden Surveillance Camera and Microphone.

Let’s dive into it and see how these 8 Ways can help us to Find Hidden Cameras and Microphones within minutes.

Follow Steps:

How To Detect Hidden Cameras in the Room1 Buy an RF Detector (Most Accurate and Cheapest way to Find Hidden Cameras & Microphones). This I suggest you buy this Radio Frequency Detector if you don’t want to compromise your private moments.

This RF detector is available on Amazon at a very cheapest price, I bought it because I travel a lot. I used to carry RF Detector in my bag and When I get a room, firstly I inspect the room with an RF detector.

You don’t believe me but I tell you that I found 4 Hidden Camera till now. So, I Found this RF detector most Accurate and also available on Amazon at the cheapest price.

Enable the RF Detector, Take RF detector near the suspicious places you want to check and RF detector starts producing a Beep sound if hidden is inserted.


How To Detect Hidden Cameras in the Room2 Look at all the stuff in the room and check everything Physically. Firstly, Check out Everything physically. Walk in the room and inspect everything physically.



How To Detect Hidden Cameras in the Room

3 Find the Blinking Light in the Dark Room. Turn the Room’s Light off, Most of the Hidden cameras produces a blinking light which you can easily catch in a dark room.


How To Detect Hidden Cameras in the Room

4 Use Hidden Camera Detector Apps.  Some Hidden Camera detector Apps are Available on Google Play store for finding the Hidden cameras but I know what’s the accuracy level of these hidden camera finder apps. You have to figure it out manually.




How To Detect Hidden Cameras in the RoomUse Phone’s Flashlight to Detect Hidden Cameras. You can locate a Hidden camera in a room by using Flashlight. But you need to Turn the Lights off because of the Hidden camera lens can be found if you put a flashlight on the camera lens in the dark then camera lens will reflect the light and you can catch the Hidden camera.


How To Detect Hidden Cameras in the RoomCheck the Mirror in Room. If you’re in a room, Mall, store, anywhere you’re using a changing room or having a big mirror in the room. You need to check the Mirror is Real or Fake.

Yes! There are two types of common mirrors, one way sided (Real mirror) and Two way sided (Fake mirror for us).

See in the Image, You can check the mirror is Real of Fake by touching your Fingernail and see if there is a gap between your Fingernail and mirror image, this is a Real Mirror.

But if you found no gap between your Fingernail and mirror image then there is a high chance you’re standing in front of a fake mirror and maybe you’ve been watched from the other side.

If you found a suspicious mirror, I suggest you don’t stand in front of the mirror, you can cover it from a bed sheet.

If you actually found the Hidden camera spying on you, Call the Police.



How To Detect Hidden Cameras in the RoomFocus on Your Ears and Try to listen to an inaudible buzz. Turn Off all the Electronic Equipment in the room. Sit Peacefully and try to listen to the sound of Hidden Camera.

If there is a Hidden spy camera, you can locate the camera by hearing the disturbing sound of Hidden Camera. Because All the Hidden Camera Cameras and Microphones produces an inaudible buzz.




How To Detect Hidden Cameras in the RoomFind and Detect Hidden Spy Surveillance Cameras and Microphones Using Phone Call. If there is a Hidden Surveillance Camera or Microphone installed in your Room, you will get a disturbing sound during a phone call because Hidden Cameras and Microphones interrupts Phone’s network in the room.

Place a Call inside the Room and outside the Room, If you’re getting some shitty sound during a phone call inside the room then there is maybe a Hidden camera installed in your room.



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