land faster in pubg mobile

The most important factor for your survival in a match is to land faster in PUBG Mobile before anyone. You need to follow my Secret Fast Landing strategy to touch your feet on the ground at the start of the match and before anyone else on the desired location.

How wrong is this, You just landed on a place and someone is already there to welcome you with a gun and end your match instantly.

That’s the only reason my friend, you always avoid landing on high loot areas like Sosnovka Military Base, Pochinki, Georgopol, and other places where most of the players prefer to land for high loot and you know if you land there then some pro players are definitely being ready to end up your match with a gun before you think to start.

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Maybe you choose low loot or no loot areas or you don’t want to face landing competition with others because you know you’re always land at the last.

No Worries, I have a trick for you that all the pro players use to land at the fastest speed in PUBG Mobile at 234 km/h. Yes, this is the highest speed you can get and if you’re not touching this speed at the time of landing then probably you’re doing something wrong.

Let me tell you fast landing in PUBG Mobile is not all about landing speed you’re getting or landing angle. There are some other factors also important to follow if you want to drop faster in PUBG Mobile.


You also need to learn how to jump faster in PUBG Mobile. Yes, you’re always using the wrong tactics after hitting the jump button. I will clarify everything in the steps section so you need to follow my step by step strategy to land faster in PUBG Mobile.

How to Land Faster in PUBG Mobile: 2x Faster

I am going to show you my 5 Steps strategy to land faster in PUBG Mobile than anyone else. I will try to make it easy for you to understand each and every step by using screenshots. However, maybe it will be a little bit difficult for you to use this strategy if you just start playing PUBG Mobile.

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So you need to practice this fast landing PUBG Mobile strategy every time you’re going to jump on a certain location.

Step 1. Mark the Landing Location

mark the landing location

I am giving you a demonstration to fast landing in Pochinki on Erangle Map so that you can connect easily. Mark the landing location correctly where you want to land and follow the next step.


Step 2. Steer your face towards landing Location

land faster in pubg mobile

Once you marked the landing location, Close the Map, and steer yourself towards the landing location. In simple words, turn your face towards the marked location, see in the image of a short map.

Usually, players make a huge mistake to mark the location and let the map on full screen to see the distance, and when the marked location comes near, they jump. This Process takes 1-2 seconds to manage where they have to go, right.

Let me clarify what you have to do, Just Open Map in full screen and mark the landing location then close the map. Now move your face towards the landing location and keep your eyes on the location distance showing at the top middle of the screen.

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This process will help you saving your adjusting time where to land and you can save your time to directly jump and instantly move towards the marked location.


Step 3. Jump when 750-800 meters left from the Marked Location

Jump when 650-700 meters left from the Marked Location

Keep looking at the marked location distance at the top of the screen and when the marked location 750-800 meters left then jump. According to my experience, If you want to touch the edge of any location faster than anyone else then the 800m distance is the best for the jump. If you want to land in the middle area of any location then 750m distance is best for the jump.

If you jump for exactly 800m then you reach on the edge of any location but this is the fastest way to reach any location than anyone else, try it.


Step 4. Facedown at 90° Degree Angle and Shift Joystick at 10 o’clock Directionland faster in pubg mobile

Jump when 800m left and instantly take your face down straight at 90° angle and also keep your joystick at 10 o’clock direction you’ll reach the highest speed of 234 km/h.

Also, make sure your player moving in the right direction without losing the highest landing speed.

Step 5. Move Parachute in forwarding Direction

land faster in pubg mobile

Whenever your parachute opens automatically, don’t let the parachute lands you itself. Instead, you have to keep your joystick towards the forward direction and it will help to land the PUBG Mobile parachute faster.



Now you know, all the possible tactics for fast landing in PUBG Mobile also I’ve given you the PUBG Mobile parachute tips. All you have to do is to keep practicing this fast landing technique to land before your enemies.

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Keep practicing and make your PUBG Mobile landing fast. Also, if you have any questions related to the topic then you can ask me by writing in the comments and share this post with your PUBG Mobile squad or Friends so that they also can land faster with you.


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