well liked title in pubg mobile

If you want to know how to get a Well Liked Title in PUBG Mobile then let me tell you Well Liked is the Easiest Title you can achieve without any efforts and you don’t need any special skills to get Well Liked Title.

If you want to achieve the well-liked title in your PUBG Mobile game then You need 1,000 Likes. This is not hard to get 1,000 likes because when you play regular squad matches in PUBG Mobile then you can get the well-liked title very easily.

Tips to Get Well Liked Title

  • If you want a well-liked title then you can play a squad match where your teammate gives 4 likes in every single match so that’s mean you can get a well-liked title in 250 squad matches.
  • Sometimes, your teammates not able to remember that you want a well-liked title so you can say that hit the like button after the end of every match.
  • If you’re playing with random unknown players, give a like to everyone after the match. There are high chances that they like you back. Like for Like…!!!


  • Even if you die in the middle of the match, spectate your team and like them in the end. I’m sure they will like you back too.

well liked title in pubg mobile

You can check how many likes you currently have by going into Missions >>Achievements >>Well Liked.


well liked title in pubg mobile

How to Get Well Liked Title in PUBG Mobile Easily

I Suggest you Play in Squad with your teammates then you can easily get a Well-liked title in PUBG Mobile in just 5 to 7 Days. Also, you need to get likes after the end of the match in Classic Mode. I have tested but Arena Likes didn’t count. So, you need to get these likes in Classic mode or you can try Arcade mode.


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If you’ve just started playing PUBG Mobile then I will show you where is the like button and how you can get the likes from the teammates.

well liked title pubg mobile

After the End of the Match, you will get this screen. Simply click on the Like button to give the like to the teammates and tell your teammates to give you a like. You’ll get 3 Likes in After 1 Match. You will easily achieve PUBG Well Liked Title in just a few days.


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