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How to get a Weapon Master Title in PUBG Mobile Easily, If you want to get Weapon Master Title in PUBG Mobile then you’re landed in the right place. Weapon Master is such an amazing Title that every PUBG Mobile gamer wants and it’s not difficult to get this epic Title.

In fact, you can get the Weapon Master title very Easily by just Following my steps. I will tell you what the requirements you need to fulfill first in order to attempt for Weapon Master title then I will show you step by steps process on how to get weapon master in PUBG mobile easily.

Some Popular Questions Related to the Weapon Master Title

It’s time to clear some of your doubts related to this topic.

Q1. Can we knock out the enemy with an AR or SMG and then kill them?

Ans. The answer is no. It is counted as a kill by an AR. A kill completed only with a grenade is counted as a kill by a grenade.

Q2. Can my friend knockout and I kill?

Ans. That is a big no-no. Because it’s their kill, not yours.

Q3. Can we be in the platinum tier in duo/squad/solo but complete the mission in some other mode?

Ans. Again no! Play and complete in the mode and server that you have achieved your platinum tier or above in.


Q4. After getting all kills, is it necessary to win the game to get the Weapon Master title?

Ans. No, Winning the game is not necessary, just get all 6 kills by using specified ways and you’ll get the title.

Weapon Master | PUBG Mobile Requirements

There are some requirements you need to fulfill in order to get the Weapon Master Title in PUBG Mobile. Let’s see how we can get the Weapon Master Title easily and what are the basic requirements needed to get the Weapons Master title.

  • You need to be in the Platinum tier or above in at least in any one Format (Solo / Duo / Squad)

The Minimum Requirement to Attempt for Weapon Master title is your Rank must be Platinum or above which is quite easy to reach. I am sure, anyone who’s playing PUBG Mobile Constantly will definitely and can be easily reached to the platinum tier.


And, If you want to Increase your PUBG Mobile Rank Faster then read: How to Increase Rank Faster in PUBG Mobile.

  • You need to get Kills by using 6 Different Weapons in a Single match then you’ll get the Weapon Master title.

weapon master title requirements

  1. Kill one enemy with Assault Rifle. (Like AKM, M416, M762)
  2. Kill one enemy with Vehicle. (Any Vehicle like Car, Buggy, and Dacia)
  3. Kill one enemy with a Shotgun. (Any Shotgun)
  4. Kill one enemy with Sniper Rifle. (Any Sniper, Like Kar98, AWM, VSS, M24)
  5. Kill one enemy with Throwable. (Molotov, Granade)
  6. Kill one enemy with SMG. (UMP45, Thomson SMG, UZI)


If you don’t know much about PUBG Mobile Weapons, then go the inventory and check which gun falls into which category.

inventory guns list

For Example DP gun is a waste for this task because DP is not an AR (Assault Rifle), it’s a Machine gun-like M249 and Machine gun kill is not needed in this task. Also, Win92 looks like a shotgun but this a Sniper.

So, It’s important for you to know about every gun and its category.

You need to kill 6 Enemies by using these 6 Different ways. It’s easy to get a kill from AR (Assault Rifle), Sniper Rifle, and SMG but sometimes it’s very difficult to get a vehicle kill or throwable kill.


You need to get 6 kills by using these above different ways in a Single Classic Solo/Duo or Squad match. Once you have done it, you’ll get the Weapon Master title. It seems hard to get this title but I will show step by step process to get this title very easily.

How to get a Weapon Master Title in PUBG Mobile Easily

You need to follow a format if you want to be a Weapon Master. Follow My Strategy to get Weapon Master Title like me. Trust me, I got this Title in just 3rd Attempt, and some of my friends trying from 1 Year and didn’t get the Weapon Master title.

So, Without Wasting any time let’s get into the steps and follow my strategy to become a Weapon Master in PUBG Mobile.

Step 1. Select Vikendi Map and Land on Villa Location

vikendi map villa

Land on a Safe place where you can survive more and easily get more bots. The Vikendi Map is good for trying the Weapon Master Title. Also, Land in a Place where you’ll easily get Different Weapons and a Vehicle. Villa is a Good place where you can easily get Different Weapons and a Vehicle.

I suggest you reach the villa as fast as possible so that you can take over the villa and pick the different weapons easily. If you want to know how to land on any location faster than anyone then read this post, How to Land 2x Faster in PUBG Mobile.

If you’re in a plane and unfortunately, the villa is too far to reach then you can read How to reach 2500m by parachute in PUBG Mobile, cover the distance by parachute and reach the villa before anyone.


Step 2. Pick Different Weapons

weapon master title in pubg mobile

Once you land on the Villa, Pick different weapons like 1 Shotgun, 1 SMG, Molotov, or Granade. Now you have 3 Different Weapons ready and you can get AR kills and Sniper kill later.

Step 3. Find a Vehicle (Car, Buggy)

weapon master title in pubg mobile

There are 2 garage locations at the villa where you can get a vehicle anytime. Once you have a Vehicle, you have 4 Different kills ways ready like a shotgun, SMG, Molotov or Granade, and a Vehicle.

If you want to know the location of all Vehicles at Villa on vikendi map then read PUBG Mobile Loot Map: High Loot and Vehicles Location.


Step 4. Find the Bots

weapon master title in pubg mobile

You can easily get 3-4 Bots in vikendi Map, right. Once you locate the bot instantly get a Vehicle kill, then get a throwable kill because these kills are so much difficult to get. After that, use the shotgun to get a kill then leave the shotgun and pick another weapon like AR (Assault Rifle) or Sniper.

Read: How to Quickly Identify PUBG Mobile Bots

I suggest you stay at the house where all other weapons already available so that whenever you locate a bot and get the kill then change the Weapon instantly and you don’t need to find the Different Weapon every time.


Play safely, and get 6 kills easily by picking up different Weapon. Also, avoid fights with serious players. Be patient, wait for the bots. I used this way to get the Weapon Master title, you can also get it Weapon Master title very easily by following this strategy.

If you’ve any questions related to this topic, ask me in the comments, and follow Techsable on all social sites to get every post update.


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