GTA Vice City Android Cheat Codes List

Cheat Codes that Works for GTA Vice City Android


GTA Vice City was First released in 2003 for PC and this game was released in 2012 for Android users. If we compare GTA Vice City Android with other games at the current time, This game is still outstanding and everyone loves to play GTA Vice City on Android Device and that’s the reason you came here to look for GTA Vice City Android Cheat Codes.

Let me tell you why Everyone still loves the oldest version of GTA Vice City for Android at this time. Many Games are getting popular these days like PUBG, COD Mobile, Free Fire but GTA Vice City has its separate fan base in true games heart like you and me because GTA Vice is an awesome game you can play on any Android device.

You don’t need a highly configured or High-End Android smartphone. GTA Vice City can work on any low-End Android device, Even a 1 GB RAM and 1Ghz processor can run this game smoothly.


The Best Thing Every gamer like the most in GTA Vice City Android is you can do whatever you want. This Ultimate game gives you the freedom to go anywhere, pick any car, helicopter or bike, fire or anything. It’s like a Gaming world exists in a game, right. You can live with your character in GTA Vice City Android.

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All the GTA Vice City Cheats work differently if we compare between Android version and Windows Version. For Example, If we type Panzer in the PC version then we’ll get a Tank and if we type Panzer in Android then we will get a classic car. So, yeah there is a difference between GTA Vice City PC and GTA Vice City Android Cheats.


So, If you’re looking for Cheat Codes then the Complete Vice City Android Cheats List is Available after few lines but If you want to Install GTA Vice City on your Android Device then read this below post.

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I am damn sure that the GTA Vice City Android version is currently installed on your device but I’ve also shared How to Download and Install this game on Android. Also, If you’re just playing and Enjoying Vice City and want to use Cheat Codes on Android then you’ll need an Additional keyboard Application to enter the Cheat codes on an Android device.


I’ve already created a detailed post on How to Enter Cheat Codes in GTA Vice City Android, you can read this post or you can watch this video.

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GTA Vice City Cheat Codes List For Android

Now, Allow me to show you a List of Cheat Codes that Supports GTA Vice City Android. These Cheat Codes will make your Gaming experience far better and enjoyable than you’re expecting right now.


So, here are the GTA Vice City Android Cheats with their Effects.

ASPIRINE – Full Health


PANZER – Spawn a tank (Rhino)/Spawn a Classic Car

SEAWAYS – To Drive Cars Over Water

AIRSHIP - Boats Can Fly


BIGBANG - Blow all the cars


GETTHEREFAST - Spawn a Sabre Turbo


BETTERTHANWALKING - Spawn a Caddie [Golf Cart]

THUGSTOOLS – Weapon Set 1 [Get Basic Weapons]

PROFESSIONALTOOLS – Weapon Set 2 [Get Light Weapons]

NUTTERTOOLS – Weapon Set 3 [Get Heavy weapons]

GRIPISEVERYTHING - Perfect handling

LEAVEMEALONE - Decrease Wanted level

ONSPEED - Makes everything faster [Fast Mode]

BOOOOOORING - Makes everything slower [Slow Mode]

CERTAINDEATH - Makes you smoke a cigarette

FANNYMAGNET - Girls Will Follow

CHASESTAT - Shows media level (when 2+ stars)


ALOVELYDAY - Sunny/Clean weather

APLEASANTDAY - To enjoy nice weather



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