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How to Rank up in PUBG Mobile Faster

rank up in pubg mobile

I will show you how you can easily Rank up in PUBG Mobile. In just a few days, you can push your Rank from Platinum to Conqueror. Also, I will show you step by step process to increase the rank in PUBG Mobile.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile is one of the most popular games right now and if you’re a PUBG Mobile Player then you can understand the value and respect for High Tier or High Level of Ranking like Conqueror, Ace, or Crown.

The rankings are classified in the form of tiers starting from bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and so on. On each tier, the player has to progress through five levels starting from 5 to 1 as your rating increases.

I can promise you, this post will definitely help you to increase your PUBG Mobile Rank faster. Just follow my step by step process and all the High Ranking Respect will be yours.

Before going into the steps, Let’s see What you have to do in order to push your PUBG rank faster and what are some important points you need to keep in mind while playing the game if you want to push your rank up.


PUBG Mobile Ranking Factors

I am going to tell you about all the important factors that help you increase ranking tier in PUBG mobile. You need to follow a simple strategy for increasing the ranking level in PUBG Mobile.

Now, Let’s have a look at all the Important PUBG Mobile Ranking Factors which directly increase your rank and you need to focus on these Factors to increase PUBG Mobile Rank Point faster.

  • Survival Time

Do you know, Survival Time gives you lots of ranking points and this is the most important factor to increase your ranking. Yes, you heard right. Getting kills is not important but you need to understand that survival time will push your Ranking up faster.

  • Get Damage and Heal Yourself

Get More Damage time by time and Heal yourself. This Process is the second most important factor to get rank up faster in PUBG Mobile. I will show you how you can do it easily in the match in the steps below.


  • Game Mode

Pick one Game Mode and stick to it. If you want to rank up your level faster then pick 1 game mode Like Solo/ Duo/ Squad because every game mode has its own different rankings. You can check you Solo Ranking is Different than Squad and Duo.

Your highest Ranking will show up in your Profile so why waste time playing other game modes. Play in 1 game mode and increase rank faster in PUBG Mobile.

  • Server Selection

Server Selection is also important. Ranking can vary on different servers so if you’re trying to push your PUBG ranking up then I suggest you stick with 1 server.

I always play in Asia Server and whenever I get the high Ping in Asia Server then I close the game or start playing other game modes like Arena or Arcade but avoid playing Classic Game mode in different Servers. I suggest you do the same and Play PUBG mobile in any 1 Server.

How to Rank up in PUBG Mobile Faster

Now, you know about all the important PUBG Mobile Ranking factors. You need to follow the exact step by step strategy to Increase your PUBG Mobile Rank Faster. I am going to show you where to land, what exactly you have to do in order to rank up in each and every game you’re playing.


In Solo Mode, I pushed my PUBG Mobile Ranking from Gold 5 to Diamond 4 in just 3 Days by using this strategy and I only used to play 3-4 matches a day. Now, you can easily imagine how much time you need to touch Conqueror in this Season by following this ranking up strategy.

Step 1. Land on the Safest and End Place on Map

land on severny erangle

I’ve found severny is the Safest also the end place on the Erangel Map, It’s Perfect place for you to get started the game.

Let me tell you why to pick the safest and end place on Map.

You know Survival is so important and if you land in a safe place, there is a very high probability to don’t get killed early by someone. End Place on Map is also the factor to increase survival time because you have to travel a lot and it will increase your ranking faster.


Step 2. Pick Healing items as Much as Possible

Pick Weapons but also pick healing items as much as you can. I suggest you find Level 3 Bag so that you can store more healing in it like Bandages, Energy drinks, First Aid kit, Painkiller, and Adrenaline Syringe.

Step 3. Find a Vehicle

increase level fast platinum to crown

It’s obvious you need a vehicle because you’re at the end place. You can Find Vehicle Easily on Severny. So land safely and take your time to pick weapons and healing items then get a vehicle.

If you want to know the location of all Vehicles at severny then read PUBG Mobile Loot Map: High Loot and Vehicles Location.


Step 4. Always Be Near at the Blue Zone

If you keep yourself near the blue zone then it’s mean you’ll get the highest survival time and the more survival time will give you more ranking up points. Also, the blue zone is necessary for our strategy, read the next step.

Step 5. Get Damage from the Blue zone and Heal

rank up in pubg mobile

Always be near the blue zone and keep taking damage and heal yourself, do this process again and again. Go inside the blue zone and get damage come outside the blue zone and heal yourself, it’s so simple.

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Always keep a Vehicle with you because the blue zone takes higher damage when the circle is short. So, whenever you see the circle is too short and blue zone call kill you, go to inside the circle and try to get some kills. 2-3 Kills is enough to give you more ranking up points.


Step 6. Survive

rank up in pubg mobile

Survival, the most important factor. Try to get some kills but usually, I suggest you avoid unnecessary fights and let the enemies fight each other. Be safe and increase your Survival time.

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If you are able to get chicken Dinner, it’s great and you’ll get more level up points but give preference to the survival time more than the chicken dinner. I suggest you play with the mindset that you have to be in the top 10 every time you play so that you always get more ranking up points.

Step 7. Rank up in PUBG Mobile Faster

pubg mobile rank up points

After the end of the match, check how many points you get and compare your points with your normal game. This time you’ll definitely get the higher Ranking up points.


Now you know how to increase your PUBG Mobile rank faster. If you love combats, then safe play can be a bit boring for you but as what I’ve told you, this strategy is strictly useful for those who want to increase PUBG Mobile Rank Faster.

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