pubg mobile no recoil sensitivity settings

If you want to Improve your PUBG Mobile Gaming Skills then you need PUBG Mobile NO Recoil Sensitivity Settings. Today, I am going to share with you the Pro Players Secret PUBG Mobile No Recoil Sensitivity Settings.

There are various factors you need to understand in order to improve PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PUBG Mobile gaming performance but very importantly, you need to have the best Zero Recoil Sensitivity Settings for Instant improvement in PUBG Mobile Gaming.

If you’re a Skilled PUBG Player but struggling to use High Recoil Weapons then this will not be going to work every time because it’s not confirmed that you will always get M416 because this Assault Rifle has low Recoil.

In the PUBG mobile Gameplay, you’ll get AKM and M416 at the same place with an equal amount of bullets, which weapon will be your first choice.

M416, right. Just because this weapon is easy to handle at the time of Fire.


Don’t Worry, I am going to share with you PUBG Mobile No Recoil Sensitivity Settings, Apply and these settings will reduce the Recoil of AKM up to 80%. If this Sensitivity setting work for you, don’t forget to share with me in the comment section.

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Now, Just Open the PUBG Mobile game and follow all my steps to apply No recoil PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings.

PUBG Mobile No Recoil Sensitivity Settings: Zero Recoil Sensitivity

As you know Recoil plays an important in your PUBG Mobile gaming. Constant Aiming is a lot more difficult while using High Recoil Weapon in PUBG Mobile. Just follow these steps and the recoil in PUBG Mobile will be reduced by using this Sensitivity setting.


I am going to share with you some PUBG Mobile gaming improvement tips that will help you in control recoil and then I will share with you the best Secret PUBG Mobile No Recoil Sensitivity Settings.

Step 1. High Frame rate

frame rate graphics player PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Open PUBG mobile and select the Highest Frame rate available according to your Android Device. If your Android Device lags while playing PUBG Mobile then you can select a smooth graphics option. It will make your PUBG Mobile Smooth without affecting your gameplay and also helps in controlling recoil indirectly.

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Step 2. Crosshair icon

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds crosshair color and style

I know, Crosshair color will not help you in controlling PUBG mobile recoil but I suggest you try any new color of crosshair will help you to aim the target fast and easily.

Open PUBG Mobile and go to the settings, Click on Scope option then you can select the crosshair color and crosshair style on NO scope, Red Dot Sight, Holographic Sight and more.


Step 3. Camera Sensitivity (free look)

PUBG Mobile No Recoil Sensitivity Settings

Now we’re going to change all the Sensitivity settings in PUBG Mobile, so firstly Open the PUBG mobile and go to the settings then click on the sensitivity option and apply these PUBG Mobile No Recoil Sensitivity Settings.

Listen to me very carefully, This is a Camera Sensitivity (Free Look) and this setting used to get a Free Look 360 Degree if you use high camera (free look) sensitivity, the camera angle will change rapidly.

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Also, this is a Pro PUBG player Camera (Free Look) settings and Average PUBG Mobile Players can’t handle this Free Look setting because this setting will change the camera angle rapidly.


I suggest you don’t apply this camera (free look) setting until you become a pro player. You can use your own setting in camera (free look) or if you want to try it, go on.

3rd person 300%
Camera 300%
1st person 300%


Step 4. Camera

Mortal PUBG Sensitivity Settings

Here is the Best PUBG Mobile Camera Setting. Change all the settings according to the screenshot and see the massive change in your PUBG Mobile Gaming Performance.

3rd Person No Scope 84%
1st person No Scope 75%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim assist 22%
2x Scope 30%
3x Scope 22%
4x ACOG Scope, VSS 14%
6x Scope 10%
8x Scope 8%


Step 5. ADS Sensitivity

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds ADS sensitivity

ADS stands for ‘Aim Down Sights’. It refers to the action of looking through the sights/scope of your weapon. In the settings, we can adjust ADS sensitivity for the different scopes. Simply change the settings according to the screenshot.

3rd Person No Scope 101%
1st person No Scope 65%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim assist 31%
2x Scope 32%
3x Scope 24%
4x ACOG Scope, VSS 21%
6x Scope 12%
8x Scope 8%


Step 6. Gyroscope

Gyroscope PUBG Mobile

A Gyroscope is actually a sensor in your mobile, which can automatically locate your screen orientation. When you’re scope in and move the Aim towards the target, you can actually make it easy by tilt the device towards the target. This is how Gyroscope works in PUBG mobile.

3rd Person No Scope 100%
1st person No Scope 95%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim assist 74%
2x Scope 75%
3x Scope 62%
4x ACOG Scope, VSS 50%
6x Scope 42%
8x Scope 43%



Apply these PUBG Mobile No Recoil Sensitivity Settings and if you’re experiencing improvement in your PUBG Mobile gaming after applying these settings, let me know in the comments.


  1. This is the best pubg mobile sensitivity settings and gyroscope. My game is so much improved after applying these settings.

    Thank you!

  2. Wow, this Sensitivity settings is really awesome. I suggest, every pubg player facing issues related to recoil and gyroscope, apply these settings mentioned in this PUBG Mobile Sensitivity settings.

    Thanks for this Amazing post, Keep up the Good Work.


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