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How to Quickly Identify PUBG Mobile Bots

weapon master title in pubg mobile

Why you need to identify and find PUBG Mobile Bots, there will be numerous reasons but one thing I know that sometimes we really need some easy kills. PUBG Mobile Bots are too generous, they give their whole efforts to find you so that you can kill them.

Some PUBG Mobile players are still unaware of the existence of PUBG Mobile Bots. In fact, some people ask does PUBG Mobile has bots or are their bots in PUBG Mobile.

Now, Let’s talk about something important. Easy kills always needed to push the RP higher, and PUBG Bots helps you to achieve some awesome titles in PUBG Mobile like Weapon Master.

Yes, I’ve created a detailed post on How to get Weapon Master Title in PUBG Mobile Easily. So, if you want to get the Weapon master title then you need to learn how to identify the PUBG Mobile Bot as quickly as possible.

If the PUBG Mobile Bots Confirmed, then it’s an easy kill for you to get it. In order to achieve Weapon Master Title in PUBG Mobile, you’ve to get 6 Kills with different Weapons like Shotgun, AR, Sniper, throwable, Vehicle, and SMG.


It’s an easy task to achieve the Weapon Master title and if you know the difference between enemies and bots in PUBG Mobile.

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Although, there are tons of signs represents that there is a bot near you but I will share with you the most important 5 factors to easily identify that there is a bot near you.

Where to Find PUBG Mobile Bots

PUBG Mobile Bots

If you want to get more bots in PUBG Mobile then you need to make the landing at the end place near the sea on the map and try to land on a location where nobody lands. Go into any house quickly pick any weapon and come outside the house, you’ll definitely get bots waiting for you.


If you’re confused about where to land, I’ve created a post where I’ve mentioned High Loot location, low Loot location, Vehicles location, and boats locations in all these 4 Maps Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. Also, If you always face difficulties to find the Vehicle on the landed location then I suggest you read this post: PUBG Mobile Loot Map: High Loot and Vehicles Location.

How to Attract Bots in PUBG Mobile

Once, you identified that there is a bot at a little far place then start firing towards it. Then, you’ll get the attention of the bot and the bot will start running towards you.

Tip: If you’ve identified a bot running towards somewhere else, it’s mean the bot is running towards an enemy. You can easily spot an enemy location by spectating the bot.


How to Quickly Identify PUBG Mobile Bots

PUBG Mobile bots run on artificial intelligence so they act like a robot but let me tell you, some bots can be a little bit dangerous for you. Mostly the bot with DP gun can be dangerous sometimes, I will tell you how to identify the bots in PUBG Mobile.

Also, you can’t forget the benefits of a PUBG bot, a lot easier to kill but gives you a lot of loot and sometimes gives you kar98 sniper with 8x scope.

I am going to show you the 5 Most Important tips to identify a PUBG Mobile Bot. After reading all these tips, you’ll be able to quickly identify that there is a bot near you.

1. Always Fire Single Tap

If you’re getting a Single tap firing sound from somewhere then it means there is a bot near you. Also, a bot firing rate is too slow then the original player. You don’t need to get confused if a bot firing a burst shot, listen to the firing rate and you’ll easily get it that the firing rate is a little bit slower and it means there is a bot.


This is the most important factor to identify a bot in PUBG mobile by just listening to the Fire sound. Also, there is a trick to find enemies by pretending that you’re a bot.

You can set a trap for enemies, Just shift your gun firing to single tap and fire slowly by tapping then someone will come to you in order to get an easy kill of a bot, and then you can kill the enemy.

2. PUBG Mobile Bots Never Hides

If you found an enemy walking towards you and not hiding behind the houses or trees then this is a bot.

The match starts with 100 players and when only 95 players join the match then PUBG Mobile puts the 5 Bots into the match.

The PUBG Mobile bots algorithm works like bots will automatically come to you and you can’t figure out that how suddenly this bot comes up here.


3. Never wear Level 3 Helmet

I’ve seen so many bots till yet and it’s very easy for you to identify the bot by looking at the helmet. According to me, 70% bots with Level 1 Helmet, 30% bots with Level 2 Helmet. I’ve never seen any bot with a level 3 Helmet.

4. Walks towards you even if you’re Firing

If an enemy keeps walking towards you (not running), you’re firing and still getting closer to you then this is a bot.

Tip: If you locate a Bot running too far then I suggest you kill that bot as quickly as possible because if you lost the bot then maybe a chance that bot can start walking towards another enemy and you’ll lost an easy kill.


5. Prone when getting damaged

This is a clear sign of PUBG Mobile Bot that after spotting when you start firing or thrown a fire bottle towards the bot then the bot will instantly get prone on the ground.

So, I’ve covered everything I know about bots behavior, and if you think I’ve missed any important point about bots then write in comments.



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