Land Far in PUBG Mobile

I will show what exact steps you need to follow in order to Land Far in PUBG Mobile by Parachute. You just need to use the Parachute effectively and you can land far in PUBG Mobile even more than 2500 meters.

If you want to reach over 2500m far Location from Plane in PUBG Mobile then you need to learn the technique to Land Far in PUBG Mobile over 2500m far location from Plane.

Firstly, let’s discuss how it is helpful to travel very far location by a parachute and how you can Land Far in PUBG Mobile over 2500 meters. Most of the time it happens while playing PUBG Mobile in any mode like Solo/Duo/Squad.

Whenever a player wants to reach on a very far location at 2500m or 3000m where they can’t travel through parachute then most of the players land on a location where they can easily get a vehicle then try to reach the far marked location.

But you don’t know the real potential of a Parachute in PUBG Mobile, you can travel the whole map by parachute in PUBG Mobile more than 2500 meters.


There are some pros and cons of using a parachute to Land Far in PUBG Mobile, Let’s discuss it.

As I’ve told you if you want to reach a far place in PUBG Mobile by parachute, land on a close location then you can pick a vehicle to reach the far place.

It’s a great way to reach a far location from more than 2000m to 2500m but there are some consequences by using this way to reach in far place.

Let me tell you with an actual example, Most of the PUBG Mobile player’s first choice is to land on Sosnovka Military Base and whenever it’s very far to reach then they land on the bridge then pick a vehicle and start driving towards Sosnovka Military Base, right.


In order to do this, you need to land faster on bridge more than anyone else because if someone reached at the bridge before you then the enemy will pick the vehicle and you can’t be able to reach Sosnovka Military Base and you have the only option to loot on the house located near the bridge, or worst it can be that enemy will kill you.

So, if want to land faster than anyone in a marked place, then I suggest you read How to Land Faster in PUBG Mobile: 2x Faster. Once you read this post, you’ll be able to land faster at any location than anyone and if you’ll be able to reach faster than anyone on the bridge then there is a high chance you’ll get a vehicle on the bridge.

How to Land Far in PUBG Mobile by Parachute: More than 2500 meters

Now, let’s talk about the benefits of traveling to a very far place more than 2500m by a parachute in PUBG Mobile.

If you use my parachute strategy then you can travel to any far place on the map. Sometimes, we want to go to any map’s end and safe place but not every time it’s near.

So, this PUBG mobile parachute trick will definitely help you to reach anywhere on the map and the best part is you don’t need any vehicle like Car or Boat to go there, just a parachute and reach anywhere.


Follow my step by step technique to Land Far in PUBG Mobile by parachute over 2000-2500m easily. I’ve covered this topic in 6 steps and explained each and every step in detail.

Step 1. Mark the Landing Location

Firstly, Mark the Location wherever you want to reach by using a parachute. As you can see in the screenshot, I am showing you how I’ll reach kameshki location in the Erangel map which is 2858m far from the closest distance between the plane and marked location.

You can easily see in the image, this location is too far to reach and you can’t imagine reaching that too far location until you don’t know about this parachute trick I am going to show you.

I will give you proof, how I will reach kameshki by covering over 2858 meters distance by parachute. Just Mark any far location and go to the next step.


Step 2. Keep Face towards Marked location and Keep an Eye on Distance

Land over 2000m far location

Now, here some important things you need to learn. Once, you marked the location on the map then close the map and see the screenshot carefully.

The first thing is you need to keep your face towards the marked location, align your face with the dotted line going to the marked location, and don’t open a map for looking the closest distance for the jump.

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You can see the distance without opening the Map, Check in the screenshot, you can see the distance is showing in the upper middle of the screen where all the direction shows in the game like North, South West.


Let me tell you why it is important to do these things before jump from the plane. Most of the players do this mistake before jump from the plane. if you mark the location and click on jump then firstly until the jump, you keep the map on in full screen to see the closest distance to the marked location and then you close the map.

When you hit the jump button then you need to align your face towards the landing location, right. I think I don’t need to tell you that you always wasted your time before clicking on the jump. So, follow all the important points I’ve mention in this step 2 and save your time before the jump to reach the marked location faster.

Step 3. Jump at the Closest Distance

Every PUBG Mobile player knows, how important is to jump at the closest distance to the marked location but I suggest you apply all my tricks before the jump that I’ve mentioned in step 2.


Step 4. Shift Joystick at 12’o Clock and Keep your Face up

Land Far in PUBG Mobile

If you want to cover the long-distance by parachute then make sure to keep your joystick in the upward direction just after the jump. Just after jump from a plane, keep your joystick in forwards direction which is 12’o clock, and keep flying at the highest upward direction so you can cover more distance while you’re skydiving towards the marked location.


Step 5. Instantly Open Parachute just after parachute icon start Appearing on Screen

Don’t let the parachute open itself. In fact, instantly open the parachute just after the parachute icon start appearing on the right side of the screen. You can see the parachute icon in step 4.

Step 6. Fastly Drag and Release Joystick towards Marked Location

Land Far in PUBG Mobile

While you’re in a parachute, just drag the joystick towards forwarding direction then release it and keep doing this again and again. This process will help you reach the highest parachute speed at 24-25km/h, also it helps to keep moving towards the landing location.


Step 7. Land Far in PUBG Mobile more than 2500m distance

Land Far in PUBG Mobile

As you can see, I’ve covered the 2850 meters distance from a plane by a parachute. This parachute trick is very helpful if you want to push rank higher because it increases your survival time also you can go to any safe place so that you can survive more.

If you want to increase your PUBG Mobile rank then the most important factor is survival time, I’ve covered everything in this post on How to Increase Rank Faster in PUBG Mobile.

You can read this above post and if you’ve any questions related to how to reach more than 2500m by parachute then ask me by writing in the comments. Also, if you like this post then keep sharing this awesome parachute trick with your PUBG Mobile friends.


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