How to Watch Youtube Videos Offline on PC

How to Watch Youtube Videos Offline on PC. If you’re thinking it’s difficult, I can bet you’re wrong this time.

Youtube is the Biggest Video-Sharing Website for Watching Tons of videos also the Easiest and most successful platform for Earning money by Upload Quality Videos on any niche.

Youtube is the Most Popular on the web just like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

In this Topic, we’re going to talk about a Creative Method to Download HD Youtube Videos Without losing Internet Data.

In fact, no need for an Internet For Saving Youtube Video on your system.


Before Start the Tutorial I would say, Downloading a Youtube Video is not good because So many Creative Youtubers always create Quality Videos for your Entertainment and Knowledge.

Downloading or saving a Youtube Video will not helpful for those Hard-working Youtubers, So think once before Downloading a Youtube video.

Anyway, Let’s back to the Topic. In this Tutorial, You’re going to learn How to Watch Youtube Videos Offline on PC and Videos can be download without the Internet in HD from youtube.


How to Watch Youtube Videos Offline on PC

Step 1.  Download and Install Icecream Screen Recorder Software

icecream screen recorder

Icecream Recorder is one of the best free Screen Recorder Software I’ve ever used on the Windows Platform.

Easy to Use, Simple User-Interface, Download this software from the Official Website. 

Download Software From Official Website


Step 2.  Open Youtube Website on Google Chrome

How to Watch Youtube Videos Offline on PCOpen Youtube on the web and select any Video to play.


 Step 3.  Open and Setting Up Icecream Screen Recorder >>Capture Video >>Custom Area

icecream screen recorder software

After completing the installation process, Open Icecream Screen Recorder, Click on Capture Video then click on Custom Area.


Step 4.  Select Video Area and Start Recording

How to Watch Youtube Videos Offline on PC

After Open Screen Recorder, Go to the Youtube video page, select and cover the custom video screen by selecting a custom screen and play the video.


Step 5.  Now Watch Youtube Video at the same time Download it on HD Resolution without using Internet Data 

Now you can watch the video as always but from now you can also download the youtube video in the form of Recording without Consuming Internet Data.




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