Enable Download Feature on Youtube
Youtube is Biggest Video-Sharing Website for Watching Tons of videos also the Easiest and most successful platform for Earning money by Upload Quality Videos in any niche. Youtube is Most Popular on the web just like WhatsApp, Facebook, Google plus, Instagram, Twitter. I know these all Websites or Apps are working Differently but I mentioned it because all of these social Platforms are too much popular on the Web.
In This Tutorial, Learn How To Add a Video Download Button on Youtube Website on Windows system. This Download Button is Completely Different From Youtube Save Video Feature because this Download button will allow you to Download Videos directly on the Windows Local Storage like in Hard Disk, also You can choose the video Resolution before Start Downloading the video. You can Enable this Youtube video Download Button by installing an Extension in Google Chrome Browser on Windows PC.

Follow Steps:
Enable Video Download Feature on Youtube Website
1 Open Google Chrome and Open Extensions Tab. Firstly, Open Google Chrome on your Windows PC, then Click on 3 Dots (Located in Upper Right Corner) >>More Tools >>Extensions.


Enable Video Download Feature on Youtube Website
2 Click on Get more extensions. In the Extensions Tab, Click on Get more extensions, Locate it on Lower Left corner.

Enable Video Download Feature on Youtube Website
3 Search for Tampermonkey Extension and Add To Chrome. Type Tampermonkey in the search bar located in the upper Left corner, also checks the Extension box to get the Accurate results. When you see Tampermonkey Extension, simply Add it by clicking on ADD TO CHROME.


Enable Video Download Feature on Youtube Website
4 Now Install Savefrom.net Script on Chrome Browser. SaveFrom.net is a User Javascript, Tampermonkey needs this script installed On Browser to successfully Active the Download Button on Youtube Website. Go to the below link and click on Install, that’s it.



Enable Video Download Feature on Youtube Website
5 Open Youtube Website on Google Chrome and Locate the New Video Download Button. Now Open The Youtube Website on Windows PC and check the New Green Video Download Button Located just Below the Video.


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