8 Ways on How to get Free Netflix Account Hack

Free Netflix Accounts hack

What are the Free Netflix Account Hack. If you want to get access to Free Netflix Account hack in 2019 and tired of searching over the internet. So, don’t worry you’ve reached the destination.

I want to make a commitment, I promise you after reading this whole post, you’ll be able to use Netflix Free on Android, Windows PC, Mac or any Device.

Sounds good, right!

I’ll show you all the 8 possible ways to access the Netflix Free Account hack.

From these 8 ways, some methods are super easy to perform and some methods may be a little bit difficult to perform but all the 8 ways work perfectly in 2019 with the guarantee.

Netflix is such a phenomenal and most popular video streaming website but everyone can’t get access to Netflix easily because it’s paid.

You need to have a paid Netflix plan in order to stream video, movies, or web series on Netflix.

So, that the reason I am here to provide you free Netflix account hack.



What is Netflix?

Netflix is an American Online Video streaming website was founded in 1997, USA California by Marc Randolf and Rud hastings.

You can find all the latest movies, popular web series (originally by Netflix) and Tv shows on Netflix.

Once you get a plan, you can access unlimited shows, movies without any restriction on Netflix. Almost 71.3 million users are currently active on Netflix. Such a Huge number, right!

Netflix Streaming Plans

Netflix is currently offering four streaming plan for the user in 2019.  All the plans are created according to user needs.


Here are the four Netflix Plans…

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Ultra (NEW)

You can choose your Netflix plan according to the needs.

plans and pricing netflix
Netflix Streaming plans/Techsable

Check out this above Netflix plan pricing chart.

According to me, All costly Netflix plans can benefit in some for Quality videos and in how many devices you want to stream Netflix at the same.

If you want Netflix subscription for single personal use then, undoubtedly Basic plan is for you.

Netflix allows a user to create a maximum of up to 4 Profiles from a single Netflix account.


In the standard plan, you can create and stream up to 2 profiles at the same time. And, up to 4 profiles can be stream at the same time in Premium and Ultra Plan.

Basic Plan: This plan lets you stream movies, Tv shows on 1 device at a time in SD Quality (Standard Definition).

This is the Cheapest Netflix plan and best for a single user.

Standard Plan: In the Standard plan, you can stream up to 2 profiles at the same time on different devices in HD (High Definition).

You can also download titles on 2 devices like phones or tab while using the standard plan.

Premium Plan: This premium plan lets you stream online movies, web series and  Tv shows through Netflix on up to 4 devices at the same time in HD (High  Definition) and UHD (Ultra High Definition), if available. You can also download titles to phones or tabs.

Ultra Plan: This is an Experimental Plan by Netflix available for UK users but there is a lot more possibility that Netflix may release this Ultra plan 2019 for all countries.


This Plan lets you stream Online Tv shows, movies, and web series in High Dynamic Range (HDR).

Besides that, all other features provided in this plan are the same as like premium plan.

How to Access Netflix Shows Free

I’ve heard so many times on the internet, How to use free  Netflix, Netflix free premium Account and so more.

I don’t know why everybody’s taking the difficult way to use Netflix Free. Now, you can use Netflix in 2019.


Let me tell you, In this post, I’ll show you all the 8 ways to access Netflix free. All the Netflix hacks in this post are working perfectly and so much easy to perform.

I’ll cover all the methods available in this world to get free Netflix access. Works on all devices like Windows PC, Android, Mac, etc.

Netflix allows a user to watch everything for one month free but what happens after it expires.

You have to subscribe to the plan in order to continue watching all streamable content on Netflix. But in these Eight ways, there are two ways to hack 30 days Netflix free trial period.


Read all the 8 methods and you’ll never look over the internet for searching how to get free Netflix accounts.

8 Ways to Use Netflix Free Anytime, Anywhere

In 2019, Many things are changed now in Netflix hacks. So many tricks are available on the internet to use Netflix free. Some are working, some are completely fake.

That’s the only reason I am skipping the Free Netflix Account Generator method in this post because in case, this method won’t work and I put this method out from the list.

But, In this tutorial, I am going to show and demonstrate all the 8 working methods with screenshots. I’ve tested and these methods actually work.

Free Netflix Account Hack infographic
Netflix Infographic/Techsable.com

I have designed and created this Netflix Infographic. Have a look at it, you can see all the 8 methods that we’re going to demonstrate in this post.

We’ll see how these methods can be helpful in getting access to Netflix Free.


Method 1. Netflix Free Account Sharing

Yes! It is possible. Let me tell you how you can share Netflix Free Account hack with your Friends and Family.

We all know, Sharing is Caring but Sometimes sharing can save your money too.

I’ll tell you how you can save your money while sharing your Netflix Account.

But, Before that let me tell you how to share Netflix Free Account with someone.

Netflix allows a user to create up to 4 profiles from a single account and you can stream up to 2 profiles in standard plan and 4 profiles in premium and ultra plan at the same time.

After getting a Netflix plan or Trail, you can create profiles according to the plan and share it with friends and family rather you can reduce Netflix’s bill by sharing the account with someone who needs Netflix access at a low cost.


This method is purely legal, also this method can help you to save your money. If you got a free Netflix Account hack, it’s the right time to earn some cash.

Step 1.  Sign in Netflix Account >> Click Profile >> Manage Profiles

manage netflix profiles

Go to the Netflix Website and Sign in with your Netflix account and click on the Profile icon then click on Manage Profiles.

Step 2.  Add Profile

Add profile

Then you’ll see all the existing profiles in your account. Click on Add Profile to create a new one.


Step 3.  Create a Netflix Profile

create profile

Now you need to Enter the name and if this profile is for a kid (below 18) then you can tick the kid box and click on Continue.

Netflix hides all the 18+ content for the kids’ profiles. So, Netflix is also good for kids if you’re creating a profile for a kid.


Step 4.  Select your Netflix Profile and Enjoy Watching

who's watching online stream

After creating a Netflix Account profile, simply log in with the Netflix account and select your own profile and enjoy Netflix shows personalized only for you.

Method 2.  Request Renew 30 Days Netflix Free Trial

This method provides you request-based solution for those who want to use a free Netflix premium account in 2019.

But, If you’re one of them who wants to access Netflix Free for 30 or 60 days then this method is for you.

Netflix allows a user to access 30 days free on a trial period. You’ll not be charged for a single penny during the Netflix free trial period.


Once your 30 days Netflix trial period ends. you can request Netflix to renew your 30 days trial period by contacting Netflix. If you’re lucky enough, Netflix will reactive the Free 30 Days trial on your account.

What you have to do, I am assuming your Netflix trial is ending soon.

netflix customer support
Netflix Support/Techsable

So, Go to the Netflix Official website contact us page from this link and use these contact options to contact Netflix like Email and Chat.

Tell them, You want to use Netflix 30 Free trail once again. I am requesting you to please reactivate the trial on my account.

So Simple, right!

Yes, it is.

Once Netflix approves your request, you can start streaming Free Netflix trial for more 30 days.

I’ve seen so many peoples enjoying free Netflix using this trick 3 to 4 times.


Method 3.  Cancel 30 Days Free Trial Before Ends

Once you submit your Credit card details on Netflix free trial. Then you can use Netflix free for 30 days on trial and Netflix will not cost you anything in this trial period, Right.

After the 30 days trial ends, you have to choose a plan from basic, standard and premium in order to continue watching Netflix Tv shows, movies, and lots more stuff.


So, the question is how we can enjoy 30 days of the free trial many times without giving a single penny to Netflix.

Do this, Once your 30 days free Netflix trial starts. Use it and cancel just before 2-3 days of before the trial expiration date.

And then, restart the 30 days free Netflix trial in 2019 to enjoy all the premium shows, tv shows, and movies on Netflix for free.

Step 1.  Go to Netflix Website >> Sign in

Free Netflix Account Hack

Go to the Netflix website and click on Sign In.


Step 2.  Click on Profile >> Account

Free Netflix Account Hack

After signing in, click on the profile then click on Account.

Step 3.  Cancel Netflix Membership

Free Netflix Account Hack

You can locate the Cancel Membership option at the left side of the page, Click on it just before 2-3 days your Netflix trial going to end and you’re not going to charge anything from Netflix.


Method 4.  Free Netflix Account Hack Email and Password

What Free Netflix Account Hack Email and Password actually mean?

Suppose, I am using a Premium Netflix Account. In any way, my Netflix Premium Account (Email-Password) exposed over the internet and my Netflix Account Email and password spread over the web by blogger.

That’s how you can find Premium free Netflix Account hack Email and Password on the Internet.

After you got the Netflix account (Email-password). Just sign in and Enjoy Netflix Premium Account free.

Therefore, there are tons of Free Netflix Premium Accounts (Email-Password) available over the internet. You just need to find the right working one.

I am sharing with you 100+ Netflix Premium Accounts of Netflix (Email-Password).

Download Free Netflix Accounts


Use it and Enjoy Netflix free and please don’t change the Premium Netflix Account Password.

Step 1.  Copy Netflix Account Email & Password >> Click Sign In

Free Netflix Account Hack

Go to the Netflix website or you can do this in an app. Just copy Netflix Email & Password from the list I’ve provided, then click on Sign In.

Step 2.   Sign Netflix Account by Entering your Email & Password

sign in online streaming website

Simply enter the Netflix Accounts Email, and password, and click on sign in. If you’re lucky enough, I mean if you got the Working Netflix Account then Enjoy.


Method 5.  Free Netflix Using Virtual Cards

If you’re thinking about Fake Credit cards or Fake Credit cards generator, you’re totally wrong this time.

There was a way to use Netflix with Fake Credit Cards Generator.

But now we can’t use fake credit cards to access Netflix trial free forever.


Because, As we all know that Netflix gives a user to access all Tv shows, movies free for 30 days on a trial period.

Obviously, you need to submit credit card details in order to avail of Netflix’s 30 days free trial.


Do you know why Fake Credit Details are not working on Netflix?

When Netflix accepts fake credit card details, Everybody uses the Fake Credit card generator tool and the tool generated all the fake credit card details for the user.

Then, the user submits the details and start using Netflix 30 days Free Trial easily.

Once Netflix recognizes this credit card hack. Netflix has added a new security layer while using a credit card.

In 2019, Whenever someone applies for a free Netflix 30 days trial and enters the credit card details then Netflix will debit 1$ from your credit card and this 1$ will return just after completing the transaction.

This Netflix Security completely destroyed the fake credit card hack.

Don’t search over the internet for fake credit cards because now it’s totally useless and this is the right time to use virtual credit cards.

So, the question is how we can use virtual cards to use Netflix Free for 30 days.


How to use Virtual Cards for getting a free Netflix Trial

Let me tell you, this method is not completely free but cheap like free. Using Virtual Cards, you can access free Netflix accounts for 30 days trial.

This method will help you to use a free Netflix account on trial for unlimited times.

Cool, right…!

TMW is a free application on google play that helps you to create a free virtual debit or credit cards instantly.

We need to create a virtual credit from tmw and we’ll use the virtual credit card details for getting a free Netflix account 30 days trial.

Step 1.  Install Tmw App from Google Play

tmw wallet Android app

You need to Install the Tmw Wallet app from the Google play store on your Android device. (Tmw App Google play link is provided below )

Install tmw App


Step 2.  Sign up to create an Account on Tmw Wallet App

After Installing Tmw, App will ask you to sign in and continue. If you don’t have a tmw account then click the sign-up button which is located below the mobile number text box.

  • Enter Details: Enter any working mobile number because tmw will send an OTP for confirmation, enter your personal details like First name, and last name and also enter any documented proof like driving license, pan card, etc.
  • Accept User Agreement: Read the terms and conditions and accept all in order to continue the sign-up process.
  • OTP Confirmation: Now, Tmw will send an OTP to confirm the mobile number you’ve provided. Simply Enter the OTP and continue.
  • Set Security pin and Security Question: Set at least 6 digit pin for your account and this pin will help you to log in tmw account easily.


Also, set a Security question where you have to select the animal with color like Purple dog, Blue Camel. It is just another security layer for making your tmw account safe.

Step 3.  Click on Cards >> Apply Now

In the tmw App, you need to click on Cards Option which you can find at the bottom of the screen on an Android device.

In the Next step, click on Apply Now to apply for creating a new virtual which we’ll use to get Netflix access. Fill in the details and create your tmw virtual credit card.

Step 4.  Use Tmw Virtual Card Details on Netflix

tmw virtual card
tmw virtual card/techsable

Wow, Your Virtual Credit card is ready to rock. Simply use your card details like Card number, CVV, Expiry date to register on Netflix and Enjoy free Netflix using a virtual credit card.


Method 6.  Free Netflix Account Hack Cookies

This is personally my Favourite method. Totally free and very simple to execute.

In this method, we’ll copy the Cookies Netflix and paste into the chrome extension called Edit this cookie to get any active user current session access.

Don’t worry, I’ll explain to you briefly with an example.

What is Cookies?

Let’s understand with an example…

Have you ever noticed that you’re visiting a blog or website and a popup comes up with “This website is using cookies, click agree to continue visiting this page“.

These sites save your cookies means saves your all session currently active on your web browser.

Suppose, you have a Netflix account and I got your Netflix cookies data then I can watch Netflix from your user session by just following this method.

Here I have a collection of Netflix Premium Account 2019. All the cookies Netflix are working perfectly, just download the Cookies Netflix and follow the steps.

Download Cookies Netflix 1 [TechsableAds]

Download Cookies Netflix 2

Download Cookies Netflix 3

Step 1.  Search on Google Chrome for Edit this Cookie Extension

edit this cookie extension

Open Google Chrome browser on your Windows PC and search for Edit this Cookie Extension.

Then, just click on the First result as you can see in the screenshot.

Step 2.  Add Extension to Chrome

edit this cookie extension

After clicking on the first result, you’ll redirect to the Chrome Extension Page. Click on Add to Chrome to add the Edit this cookie extension in the Chrome Browser PC.


Step 3.  Open Edit this Cookie Extension >> Click on Import

Free Netflix Account Hack

Firstly, Open the Netflix Homepage then click on the Edit this cookie Extension icon and click on Import to paste the copied cookies code.

Step 4.  Paste the Netflix Cookie

paste cookies code

Here, you need to paste the premium cookies Netflix code and click on the tick located below.


Step 5.  Refresh Netflix Page and Enjoy Free Netflix

Free Netflix Account Hack

Now just refresh the Netflix Homepage and if cookie Netflix is working then you can see you’re logged in a Netflix premium account.

Watch movies, Tv shows on Netflix but never log out your Account otherwise you’ll lose your current active user session.


Method 7.  Netflix Hack Apk (Android)

Netflix Hack Apk gives you free access to all the premium features on any plan.

Once you get the Netflix working account by using methods I have mentioned in this whole post or you have a paid Netflix plan. however, it’s up to you but a right Netflix hack Apk will provide you the access to all the Netflix premium features.

After getting a working Netflix account. Install Netflix modified Android app, sign-in with your Netflix account and whoa! Enjoy all the premium Netflix features in any plan.

How to Download Netflix Hack Apk on Android

There are so many sites providing Netflix mod Apk for Android in 2019. Some are good (working) and some apps contain a virus, so be careful and never download any Apk from untrusted sources.

Some apps are highly customized and edited for gaining user access that most probably you don’t want to share.

But, you always install the app and click Next, Next and Install. Too much excitement just because you have a premium Netflix modified Android App and don’t know it’s virus-free or not.


I am providing you a clean, virus-free Netflix hack apk Android App link in below step 1.

Step 1.  Install Netflix Mod Apk on Android

netflix android app

Download the Netflix mod Apk from the link I’ve provided and install the app on your Android device.

Make sure to allow unknown sources in order to install mod Apk of Netflix.

Netflix Hack Apk Download [TechsableAds]

Step 2.  Enjoy All Netflix Premium Features

netflix premium features

After installing the app, Simply Open the Netflix mod App and sign in with any account.

With this Netflix mod Apk, you’ll get access of all the Netflix premium features in any plan.

Method 8.  Free Netflix Using Yandex Browser (Android)

Last but not least. This is a super easy method, especially for Android users.

Yes! In this method, you need to install the Yandex browser app on your Android device. Yandex browser app is available for free on google play store.

After installing the browser, install edit this cookie extension.

You can’t install any extension on Yandex browser like you install the extension in chrome Windows PC.

Search for the Extension or click on this Edit this cookie direct link from Yandex browser and click on add to chrome then edit this cookie extension will automatically install on Yandex and you can check installed extension by clicking on Extension option.

Then simply Open Netflix website with Yandex and click on Edit this cookie extension. In the import section, paste the working Netflix cookie code. Let the page auto-refresh or do it manually.

And, your Netflix will start…

Let’s Demonstrate this method step by step.


Step 1.  Install Yandex Browser From Google Play

yandex browser with protect android

Yandex Browser is available for free on Google Play. Simply, install the App on your Android.

Install Yandex App [TechsableAds]

Step 2.  Open Yandex >> Open Google.com >> Search Edit this Cookie Extension

edit this cookie android

Yandex Browser uses the other search engine to search the content. So, Firstly type Google.com in the search bar then search for Edit this cookie extension and click on the first result as you can see in the screenshot.

We’re using Yandex Browser for Android because this Web Browser supports chrome Extensions and this is what we need.


Step 3.  Add Edit this Cookie Extension

Free Netflix Account Hack

Now just click on Add to Chrome and Edit this Cookie Extension will be added to the Yandex browser.

This Cookies method is just like method 6 but this method is for Android users.

Step 4.  Open Netflix on Yandex >> Click Extension

Free Netflix Account Hack

Open Yandex Browser on your Android Device. Open Netflix homepage, click on Extensions >> Edit this Cookie.


Step 5.  Click Import >> Paste Netflix CookiesFree Netflix Account Hack

After clicking on Edit this cookie extension, Click on import and paste the cookies of Netflix.

Step 6.  Reload Netflix homepage >> Enjoy Watching Netflix Free

Free Netflix Account Hack

After refreshing the page, you can access all the Netflix Tv shows, movies of Netflix on Android for free.

If didn’t get Netflix show access for entering the cookies then its mean cookies are expired. Simply copy the another Netflix cookie and try again.


Cookies are user active sessions, never log out. If you do it, you’ll lose your free Netflix access.

Wrapping Up

We’ve covered all the working possible ways to use free Netflix Account hack and these all above methods are tested by me.

If you’re thinking there is any major free Netflix account hack working method I’ve missed then feel free to use the comment section, let me know.


As you can see there is a lot of research, hard work I’ve put on creating this post on Netflix.

If you get any good Information about free Netflix hacks then share it with your friends and family.

Let Everybody know, there are 8 Ways Existed in 2019 to use Netflix free.



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