Free Up Space on Android Fix Running Out of Storage

If your Phone’s Storage is really messed up then I came up with a simple solution for you to free up space on Android device in just 10 seconds.

32GB, 64GB, 128GB, or Even 256GB Doesn’t Matter how much storage your Smartphone has but one time you’ll have to delete some files and free up the space, right.

Whenever try to delete some files then the most common issue we face is how to clean, what to clean. I mean, Where to Find those Big Files or unnecessary files I can delete and fix running out of Storage issues instantly.

As I’ve said earlier, We can’t able to clean or can’t able to free some space because we don’t know what to delete and where (in which Folder) the File is located.

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How to Free Up Space on Android: Fix Running Out of Storage

I Will Show you in this post, how to Easily Free Up Space by locating and Deleting unnecessary Files for free Space in Android. But Also Many People Ask, How do I free up space on my Android without deleting everything?

So the solution for this issue is also available in this Post, You can Clean System Cache in just 1 Click.


Keep up step by step Process and I Will show you how to Find and Delete unnecessary Files to clean your Android Storage, also you’ll be able to free up space without Deleting any Files.

Step 1. Install Storage Analyzer App from Playstore

Free Up Space on Android

Firstly Install Storage Analyzer from Google Playstore. Open App, It will take some time to scan Files.

This App Also Allows you to Clean All the App cache in your Android device in just 1 simple click, so you don’t need to install a separate app for cleaning the cache.

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Step 2. Click on File Categories Tab

Fix Running Out of Storage

Go to File Categories Tab, Here you can directly look up and manage all the Files divided category-wise like Videos, Audio, Images, Docs. You can Delete Easily because files are arranged here by File Category and size.

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Step 3. Click on Directory Files Tab

Free Up Space on Android

Go to Directory Files, Here you can see How much data contains in Each and Every Folder according to the size.

Now you can easily manage your files. You can free up some space by going into the Particular Folder. If you Ask me, This is the best feature of this app for cleaning files from your storage.


Step 4. Delete Top 10 Big Files Easily

Free Up Space on Android

Click on 3 lines at the top left for the menu, Here Click on Biggest Files, You can Click on Top 10, top 50 then you can delete from the top biggest Files in your File Manager.


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