WhatsApp deleted Messages

Do you know, You can read WhatsApp Deleted Messages on your Android device. If the sender uses the “Delete for Everyone” feature, you can still recover and read the deleted message in WhatsApp on your Android device.

Yes, it’s possible.

WhatsApp Delete for Everyone Feature is no longer completely foolproof now. Some great applications allow you to read WhatsApp messages deleted by the sender and the best part is all the apps are available on the Google Play store for free.

WhatsApp is the most popular application among Android & iOS users. WhatsApp rolled out with Delete for Everyone feature in the latest update a few months ago, so that the sender can use Delete for Everyone Feature for delete WhatsApp message on both sides whenever it’s needed.

And, If you want to know whats’ inside the deleted WhatsApp messages then you need to download an application from Google Playstore.


How to Read WhatsApp Deleted Messages on Android

WAMR is an application available free on Google Playstore. This App allows you to recover deleted WhatsApp messages, recover “Deleted for Everyone” Media Files like Video & Audio files. Also, you can download any contact WhatsApp status by using this Application.

I have tested WAMR Application on my Android device and I must say that this app is working perfectly. Whenever someone deleted a message I instantly get a notification from this app that someone deleted a WhatsApp message.


Now, I am going to show how you can install, setup, and use the WAMR Application to read anyone’s deleted WhatsApp messages.


Step 1. Install WAMR App from Google Playstore

WAMR WhatsApp deleted Messages

WAMR App has got 4.5 Positive Rating with 10M+ downloads on Google Playstore. If you want to read deleted WhatsApp messages on your Android device then WAMR is the Best App.

Install WAMR


Step 2. WhatsApp Message Deleted

WhatsApp deleted Messages

In this step, I am showing how it looks like when someone uses the “Delete for Everyone” feature to delete a message and I will show you how you can read this deleted message in the next step.


Step 3. Open WAMR App to read Deleted Message

WhatsApp deleted Messages

If someone deleted the message then open the WAMR Application and you will see a  WhatsApp contact name appear on the left tab, just click on it to see what’s inside the deleted message.


Step 4. Read Deleted Message

Read Deleted Message

As you can see, the deleted message showing with a red background. I know it’s so simple to read deleted WhatsApp messages by using this Application but this app can also allow you to recover deleted media files like video & audio and you can download the WhatsApp status of any user, let me show you in the next step.


Step 5. Recover Deleted WhatsApp Video & Audio Files

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Video & Audio Files

If someone deleted a photo or video before you see it then don’t worry, open WAMR Application and click on the media (middle) tab and here you can see all the deleted media files from the WhatsApp contact.


Step 6. Download WhatsApp status

Download WhatsApp status

Open WAMR Application and click on the right Tab, here you can see all the available statuses updated by your WhatsApp contacts. Just click on any status, and download it in your offline storage like Internal storage or Memory Card within a single click.


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