Mini LED 4K Google TV C835 From TCL

Mini LED 4K Google TV: Keeping in mind the buying behavior of the current generation, TCL has introduced its new product.

The engaging Electronics company TCL has launched its new Mini LED 4K Google TV C835 to the market.

The brand says, the all-new 4k LED Google TV is designed to give a comprehensive range of entertainment to the customers.


Mini LED 4K Google TV C835 From TCL

Mini LED 4K Google TV C835 From TCL is Fascinating

Various Sizes

The Mini 4K TV is available in many size variants while pricing is different for each of them.

The available sizes are, 75-inches, 65-inches, and 55-inches with the price starting from $1500. Now let’s go into deep about the product.



The all-new black Mini LED 4K Google TV C835 from TCL comes with awesome build quality and firm metal stands for support.

There are no bezels attached to the TV ensuring a better viewing and feel-good experience for the viewers.

The bottom panel is bare of 2-3 cm while the side teeny is also just 1-2 cm.


The TV consists of CPU Core CA73*4 @1.35GHZ, 1.6GHZ with a GPU Core of G52(2EE) MP2, 550Mhz.

There is inbuilt support for Google Assistant, Alexa, Hands-free Voice Control, Game Center, Online Video, and Video chat.


Controls and Connectivity

The Bluetooth support TV gives customers a wide and effortless connectivity experience.

USB2.0 (5V-O.5A)* 2, with HDMI2.1 X 4

It takes some time to mingle with the TV for the people who had all their TV controls to left, as the New 4K Google TV includes all the controls to its right.

The black color is sleek and handy remote-control resulting in giving a wide range of controlling experiences to the customers.

Moreover, it has all the dedicated buttons for voice command, prime, and Netflix which are comfortable to use.



TCL Mini 4K Google LED TV C835 offers marvelous brightness performance, with increasing the number of local dimming zones.

Mini LED 4K Google TV C835 From TCL

The picture quality is empowered Vision IQ, with high contrast color, detail, and dimensionality and overall, it makes your entrainment watching experience much better.

Key Features include:

  • Mini LED
  • 144Hz VRR
  • Imax Enhanced
  • QLED

The TV comes with an Onkyosound system and Dolby Atmos immersive audio.

Wholesome the new Mini LED 4K Google TV C835 From TCL has got all the features for today’s generations, whose standard price starts from $1502.


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