Online Shopping at Lowest Price from Amazon, Flipkart

Shopping Online from E-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart is so much easier. You can Easily Order, get fast delivery, receive orders at your door with free shipping. Also, Online Shopping at the Lowest Price benefits and convenience of return and replace is just Amazing, right.

Everything looks perfect but there are lot more bad things that can happen to you while shopping online even from the most trusted e-commerce sites like Amazon.

I am Going to give you some tips to be safe while shopping online as well as I’ll share with you some tricks to get your product always at the lowest price.


So, Read All the Safety Tips and discount price hacks Carefully and make your Online Shopping Experience Safer and Profitable.

8 Tips & Tricks for Online Shopping at Lowest Price from Amazon, Flipkart

I am going to provide you with some tips and tricks on how to get products at a low price also in some tips, I’ll be discussing how to be safe while shopping online.


1. Always Get Product at Lowest Price

Everyone on this planet wants to buy the product at the lowest or discounted product while shopping online from sites like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart. Luckily, I know the way to always get the product at the lowest price.

These E-commerce sites psychologically fool us in many ways, like while you’re shopping online and see product prices like this $75 $25. Website showing you product price is $75 but there is a sale live, you’re getting it only $25, sound amazing right!.

NO, What happens if the product’s original price is $15 and you start thinking $25 is the best price and you should buy it because they created a Sense of  Urgency in your brain adding a little bit of salt by showing you Hurry only 4 Left.


Now, you can’t stop yourself from buying the product instantly because you don’t want to lose it, “Sense of Urgency”, Right.

Let me tell you exactly what you have to do next time you’re planning to buy a product. First, Install BuyHatke Chrome Extension in your Laptop/PC Chrome Browser, and when you open any product on Amazon or from any other e-commerce site. Just click on the Extension and it will show you the price chart of a particular product.

You can see the Price fluctuation on a product by looking past 6 months. You can easily understand what’s the real price of the product and then you can decide whether it’s a great deal to grab or not.

For more Clarity, I am sharing an Instagram reel on how to use this chrome extension. This short 30-sec video language is in Hindi (India) but I am sure you can easily understand it without even listening to the audio.


Instagram Reel Short Video: Watch it Now.

2. Always Wait for the Sale

Mostly just before the big festivals and seasons. Sites like Amazon started a sale and if you use this sale smartly then you can get some big discounts. In India iPhone, 11 64GB cost is around 51k but I bought it only at 42k. I got this big discount on iPhone because I waited for the sale. 🙂

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3. Shop Incognito Mode (For Online Discount)

E-commerce sites like Amazon save your data in the form of cookies and if you keep checking the same product. There is a chance they will increase the price of that particular product and other products related to it, only for you.


So, If you open a website in incognito mode then there is a high chance you’ll get the discount same as a new user get because they can’t track your data, smart move, right.

4. Not Get Fooled by the Huge Discount

As we’ve discussed in point No. 1, how these e-commerce sites provide fake discounts to make you believe this is the best price.

Follow the Point.1 and these websites constantly work on human behavior and I am damn sure sometimes you order some product you don’t even need it. This happens mostly at night when you’re focusing on the product.

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My advice is don’t buy instantly even if you want it. Leave it for 30 min in the cart and start doing something else instead of shopping. I am 73% sure after 30 minutes you’ll not be going to buy that product because you control your mind and your sense of urgency can’t affect you more, hope it helps.


5. Shop From Trusted Sites

If you’re getting a big discount then Amazon on the same product on the website you never heard of. Never buy from those new E-commerce sites you can’t trust. Even if you see that website product on google’s first page.

The reason you’re seeing new sites’ products on Google’s first is that they run ads on that product. Maybe, you buy something and never get your product or get trash quality product and there is no replace or return policy from the website.

So the best thing you can do is to shop from only trusted sites where you can see the product real images, seller information, and more. Also, Always buying anything from the website should have HTTPS enabled, it’s a compulsory step.


6. Check the Seller Reputation

If you’re buying a Product on Amazon, you can see there are many sellers selling the same product at different prices. If you’re in doubt, check seller information like rating how good this seller is.

If the seller got a low rating, it’s mean this seller selling fake or mostly damaged products. Simply check other sellers and if this product is not available on another seller, try searching the product on other E-commerce sites.


7. Product Ratings, Reviews

Avoid ordering any product before checking product ratings, reviews and, Original product images uploaded by the reviewer. These steps will help you better understand the product quality and then you can make your decision.

8. Get any Product without Shipping Charge

If you want any Product without shipping charges. Like on Amazon, your value must meet a certain amount for free shipping. But If you want to buy something under that amount, you’ve to pay the delivery charges, right.

Let me tell you how you can get any product without shipping charges. Add your Product to the cart and add another product in the cart for getting free shipping charges. Now place your order and cancel the other product and you’ll get your underpriced product for free of shipping charges.


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