google home mini vs echo dot 3 (3rd gen)

Google Home Mini vs Echo Dot 3 (3rd Gen) is the two Smart Speakers that are worth buying because of their price range and features.

If you’re ready to buy a Budget-Friendly Voice-Controlled Smart Speaker then Google Mini and Echo Dot (3rd Gen) are the two best Smart Speakers available for you in the online market.

But, If you’re confused between Google Home Mini vs Echo Dot 3 (3rd Gen): Which is Better for you. Then, let me tell you there is a lot of difference between Google Home Mini and Echo Dot 3 (3rd Gen).

Pros and Cons:

Let’s see, what are the Good and Bad things you’re getting in these two Smart Speakers Google Home Mini and Echo Dot 3 (3rd Gen).


Echo Dot 3 (3rd Gen)

What is Good?

Speaker Loud & Clear
Understands English & Hindi

3.5mm Audio Jack for Connecting Bigger Speakers

What is Bad?

Question over Question Response not accurate sometimes
Always Need Power Source

Google Home Mini

What is Good?

Google Assistant is Awesome

Supports English & Hindi

What is Bad?

No 3.5mm Audio JackVoice Capturing is average


Google Home Mini Vs Echo Dot (3rd Gen): Features Comparison


Features Comparison Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Google Home Mini
Brand Amazon Google
Model Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Google Home Mini
Speaker Size 99x 99 x 43mm WxH: 9.78cm x 4.2cm
Smart Home Devices Control Yes Yes
Power Requirement 15W, through a power adapter 5V, through MicroUSB
3.5mm Audio Jack Yes No
Built-in Battery No No
Connectivity Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Available Colors Black, White, Grey, Purple Chalk, Charcoal
Language Supports English, Hindi English, Hindi



Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Buy on Amazon

Rs. 3,499

Google Home mini

Buy on Flipkart

Rs. 3,399


Google Assistant is far Better than Alexa but in this price range Echo Dot (3rd Gen) providing more features than Google Home Mini like 3.5mm Audio Jack is available in Echo Dot but missing in Google Home Mini, and it’s quite useful when you want to connect your Smart Speaker with Bigger Speaker.

Both Smart Speakers Support English and Hindi Language and both products are just awesome coming in this price range.


So, If you’re still confused about which one is better for you then, I can say in a few lines…

  • Google Home Mini’s Google Assistant is better than Echo Dot (3rd Gen)’s Alexa
  • Echo Dot(3rd Gen) Speaker Quality is better
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack is available in Echo Dot and Missing in Google Home Mini
  • You can Shop better using Alexa and Google Assistant will give you better answers and search results.

Now, you decide which one is better for you, both are the speakers are best at their work and coming under the Price Range 3000 to 3500.

You can Read these Reviews if you want more details about these Smart Speakers.



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