3 best chrome extensions for students

Today let us know the 3 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Students and how to use some cool and free google chrome extensions that would be useful for students in their better studying and maintain their productivity.

Google Chrome Extensions is a small program to modify the experience or add functionality to the Chrome browser, to use these extensions should get installed. These extensions had and have been some great tools to increase their productivity.

There are many extensions for many purposes like study, web editing, note-taking, and many more. Today we’ll know about some google chrome extensions that help students better study. Let’s get going.


What are the 3 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Students and how to use them?

1. Chrome Extension: Memorize

memorize chrome extensions for students

This extension helps students in memorizing difficult questions for their exams. It comes with a great feature which is, that you can set your own time intervals for each question you want to study.

This helps you get rid of your procrastination and keeps you active and productive. In order to use this extension, just follow the simple steps.

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Step 1. Find the Extension on the internet

As the first step, you have to go search for the extension on the internet and download it. Now complete setting up your account and get ready to use it.

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Step 2. Prepare your questions and set your time intervals

Now to proceed forward you need to set some no. of questions and add time intervals to each and every question.

This extension will only take you to your next question if the previous one is correctly answered, like this you are able to focus more on your study and avoid other distractions and procrastination.

Step 3. Start studying

Finished setting up your questions and time intervals, now it’s time to you to get yourself exam ready.

2. Chrome Extension: Zorbi

zorbi best chrome extensions for students

Another great Google Chrome Extension for better studying is Zorbi. This extension helps you create flashcards directly from web pages for your better understanding and studying.

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Step 1. Get the app installed or use it directly on the internet

This extension is available on both internet and the play store so you have no worries you can use it as an app or as a webpage.

All you have to do is go to the play store and search for zorbi app on the search bar to get the app installed, or open your chrome browser and type for zorbi.com.

 Step 2. Start creating your flashcards

This extension helps create flashcards directly from the web pages all you have to do is search for the topics you want to study and when you pick a particular piece of text and right-click on it the extension will direct you to the Front- Zorbi’s platform, which creates the flashcards for your better understanding.

With the help of this extension, you can memorize the topics which seem difficult and new to you.

3. Chrome Extension: Forest

forest 3 best chrome extensions for students

The very best, a free extension to keep you focused and determined is this named forest. To use this extension follow these two simple steps mentioned below.

Install Forest Extension


Step 1. Get the App Installed

As mentioned in the above steps this extension is also available on both the internet and the play store.

You have to only do is head to the play store and search for the forest on the search bar and get the app installed, moreover you can use the extension on the internet too.

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Step 2. Set the time interval

Now to begin with the extension you need to set up your account, grab your study material, and set the time interval for each and every topic, or question you study.

This extension keeps you focused by playing pleasant tunes to the given time interval.

At the end of each time interval, there will be a plant grown on your desktop screen to keep you motivated.


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