install app on android through windows pc
Installing an Android app without touching Android Device is useful sometimes also it’s a creative thing you can try.

Do you know, you can install App on an Android device without touching it with the use of Windows PC.

In this post, You’re going to learn How to Install App on Android through windows pc. Sounds Interesting as well as a creative way to install Android Application on Android Device Through windows PC.
  •         Google Account.
  •         Android Device.
  •         Windows PC.
  •         Internet Connectivity.
Follow Steps:
How to Install App on Android through Windows PC
1 Open Google Play store in Chrome Browser on Windows PC and Sign in with the same Google Account which you’re already using in Android. Simply Open Google Play store Website on your Windows Desktop then sign in the Google Account which you’re using in Google Play store.

2 Connect Both Windows and Android devices to the internet. When you Install the app make sure both of your devices connected to the internet.

How to Install App on Android through Windows PC3  Search any App and click on install. After open Google Play store, search for any application which you want to install on your Android Device then click on install.

How to Install App on Android through Windows PC
4 Check, The Application will start installing on Android Device. This is the simplest way to install an App on Android Device without touching it. Operate the Google Play store on your Windows PC and the action you can see on Android Device.



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