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If you can’t purchase the software but still wants to use the trial version for some more days then Run As Date free Software will definitely help you to convert paid software into free software just like you freeze the trial software.

Paid Windows Softwares allows you to use 30 days free software trial after the 30 days you’ve to purchase in order to use the software.

Do you know, you can extend 30 days of trial software to run forever.

Some utility programs allow using the trial software again and again by just extending the date and time manually.

Run As Date and Time Stopper I’ve found these two software with a higher success rate.

Time Stopper: Time Stopper is a utility program that works as a time and date stopper. It stops the running time and date of trial software so you can use it forever. Time stopper freeze trial software.

Honestly, I don’t think Time stopper is a Good utility program because Time and date stopper software has a lower success rate as compared to RunasDate free software.

Run As Date: Run As Date is a utility program allows us to use of the trial software as free software.

Run As Date doesn’t crack demo version software nor hacking trial software even doesn’t edit or modify trial software version installed in the Windows PC.


The Run As Date creates and Add a modified software copy on the desktop, you can extend up to 30 days in added Software copy, also you can use trial software again and again.

Run As Date can also be helpful in such a case when you want to purchase software and want to try the trial software a little more for testing.

How to Use Run As Date Free Software to Use Paid Software Trial Forever Free

RunAsDate is a small utility that allows you to run a program in the date and time that you specify.

RunAsDate allows you to run multiple applications simultaneously but you can execute them at different times depending on what you need them carried out.

So for example, you could execute a disk cleaning tool to run at one time and a P2P to run at another.

The good thing is that RunAsDate can be executed without installation so it can run off a USB stick if necessary.

In the main window of RunAsDate, you can select the desired date and time and the application that you want to run.


Besides that, you can use command-line parameters to run the program by selecting the “Run” button to start the application with the specified date/time.

RunAsDate is a useful task scheduler that’s not the best looking or most comprehensive around but at least makes things simple.

Run As Date is a Free Software you can download from the official website to try it on your Windows PC for extending the trial period of popular software like Adobe trial, Photoshop trial, or Winzip trial.

But one thing you’ve to understand that RunAsDate won’t work with Every Software.

According to me, Run As Date Free Software comes with a 60 to 65% success rate. So, if it doesn’t work for one software, try on another software.

You’ve to try in order to extend 30 days of trial software because this is the only one software that has a decent success rate.

Let’s dive into the steps to see How can we use the trial software forever by using Run As Date software.


Step 1. Download Run As Date from Official Website

How to Unzip Files on WindowsYou need to Download the Run As Date software in order to extend the 30 days software trial period.

Download RunAsDate



Step 2. Extract the Downloaded Zip File and Click on RunAsDate.Exe File

run as dateOnce you download the RunAsdate from the official website.
You need to unzip the Zip File, if you don’t know how to unzip the zip file then read this post: How to Unzip Files on Windows

Extract the zip File then Double click to open the RunAsDate.exe File.


Step 3. Click on Browse to Select the Software

How to Use software Trial Version Forever Free in Windows run as date

Here, you need to select the trial expired software exe file located on the path Local (C:) >>Program Files (x86).

Click on Browse and Select the Software exe File, make sure to select the correct file.


Step 4. Follow this Path and select the Software

How to Use Paid Software Trial Version Forever Free in Windows

Click on Browse then Go to the path Local (C:) >>Program Files (x86) and select the installed software .exe File then click on Open.


Step 5. Check the Installed Date of Selected Software

How to Use Paid Software Trial Version Forever Free in WindowsWe need to know the exact date of Software installed in Windows PC.


Step 6. Change Month and Click on Create Desktop Shortcut

How to Use Paid Software Trial Version Forever Free in WindowsWe’ve checked the installation date in the previous step and now type the exact date and year, just change the month set to next month.

Suppose, Today is 18-September-2018 and the software expired today then enter the date 18-October-2018, just change the month and use the same day and year.

Once you entered the date, click on Create Desktop Shortcut, also you can enter the label to easily recognize the shortcut on the desktop screen as I wrote Free trial ms office.


Step 7. Use Trial Software Forever

run as dateHere is your Software shortcut on the desktop. Start using 30 Days free trial again and you can do this process, again and again, to use trial software forever free.


  1. hi….im having trouble with run as date…i do as described in the article….but when i open the short cut it acts as run as date and asks to install again…what am idoing wrong here any help appreacted

    • Hello,

      Disable If any Active Antivirus or Firewall Software installed on your system when Installing the Run As Date Software.
      Most security Software Treats Run as Date as a Vulnerability because it Modifies the registry.

      I suggest you Uninstall the Software and reinstall it again.
      It will Definitely Work.

      Hope It helps you!

  2. me again….ive read 3 or 4 other sites on how to use rtd…other tutorials state just put the date within the time period,,,,ive managed to get another programme working.. and its stuck on 3 days left,,,which is my end date…and my short cut works as usual…in other tutorials it states not to open in any other place except the shortcut that is made or it will void the trial period hack. ive un zipped….clicked on the exe file then it keeps going to …not from play store download anyway…so i accecpt .it opens then i put the target programme exe.make shortcut….and the short cut always goes to noy from playstore etc.and wont open my target programme….ive try running as admin…cos i get warnning must be elevated???…can you help please bro…ps sorry for the bad spelling….merry christmas from new zealand

  3. This is good and all but developers are aware of this and can block it or a program from running if the checks the date and knowns it wrong, or in Jangz issue end the trial at the start as the reg was tampered with.


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