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Last updated on March 7th, 2023 at 11:03 pm

In this Tutorial You’re going to learn, How to put a password on the Internal Hard drive using Bitlocker windows 7 desktop or Laptop so that no one can access your drive without your permission.

BitLocker is a Microsoft Windows Inbuilt feature, you can see how it can make your hard drive encrypted and password protected.

If you want to make your hard drive password protected then BitLocker in Windows 7, 8, or 10 is the best solution for you.

No need to install specific software for making hard drive password protected. Just follow the simple steps to set a password lock on your Windows 10, 7 or 8 PC using BitLocker.

BitLocker Windows 7: How To Password Protect Hard Drive

Step 1. Right Click on Drive >>Turn on BitLocker

Right-Click on the drive which you want to make password-protected and Click on Turn on BitLocker.

If you’re not getting BitLocker Option in that way then try searching BitLocker in the Windows search bar, click on it to enable.

Step 2. Enter Password

bitlocker windows 7

Enter Password if you wanted to make your drive password-protected.

Step 3. Save Password Recovery Keybitlocker windows 7

This key file will help you when you forget your password. By using this key file, you can recover your drive password.

Tip: Save Your Recovery key into another drive (not in the same drive) so that you can recover your password easily.

Step 4. After saving Recovery Key >>Next

bitlocker windows 7

After saving the Recovery key file on another drive, simply click on Next.

Step 5. Start Encryptingbitlocker windows 7

The system will start encrypting your drive. This process might take some time. Go get aCoffee! And for me, sugar only 1 spoon.

Step 6. Still Encrypting

bitlocker windows 7

I already said It takes some time to complete the encrypting process.

Step 7. After completed the drive Encryption process >>Restart the system

When the system shows the encryption process is complete. Restart your system then you can see your drive is password-protected.



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