change text and background color in cmd

In this post, we’re talking about How to change the Text and Background color in CMD. You need to follow some very easy steps and you can do it very easily.

I am also getting bored to see the same black background and white text but it’s the time for some changes and you’re just one step away.

Actually, the Windows Operating system allows a user to customize the Command prompt window in terms of text color, background color, popup text, and popup background color.


As you can see, My green command prompt text which is quite impressive and it gives me feel like a hacker whenever I use the command prompt in windows.

So, I’ll show you how to make Command prompt green but you can choose any color.

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Now you’re seeing this post, it’s means you know how to open CMD.


But for those who don’t know, let me tell you how to open CMD (Command Prompt).

  • In your Windows, Open the search bar (Located on the lower right corner).
  • Type CMD in the search bar.
  • Then, CMD will show up to you. Click and open it.

So now we can take further time-saving steps for changing background and text color in CMD.


How to change Color of CMD Text and Background

change text and background color in command prompt cmd
  • In CMD, Click on the small icon located on the top left side of the CMD window.
  • Click on Defaults.


change text and background color in command prompt cmd
  • Here it is, that’s how we can change the color of CMD Text color or background.
  • you can see your changes in the preview window.



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