League Of Legends Patch Note 12.17

Here you can see the 5 Big Bugs Fixed in the Latest League Of Legends Patch Note 12.17.

The popular game League Of Legends is here with another major patch update, that has brought massive changes to the playing ground.

The update will soon be available for the players just a few weeks ahead of the Worlds 2022 championship.


League Of Legends Patch Note 12.17: 5 Bug Fixes

Here is all you need to know about the League Of Legends Patch Note 12.17. The Riot Games have recently dropped patch 12.17 for League Of Legends and are going subtle on beefy pro-play picks such as Trundle and Sivir.

League Of Legends Patch Note 12.17

The patch is also working hard on the items that are often abused such as Guardian Angel and Zhonya’s Hourglass.


With this new patch, Maokai will be able to step out of his support capacity and into a wider role that covers the map’s top and jungle, simultaneously.

We can be able to see another champion that has changed similarly is Miss Fortune. Who’s being pushed towards her true marksman-style identity?

Now there is more reason for the marksman champs to equip the items which boost them.

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The Riot Games is mainly focusing on the mid-lane champions with two buffs (Twisted Fate and Kassadin) and three nerfs (Azir, Ahri, and Sylas), as the world’s 2022 championship is getting closer.


This is somewhat unfortunate for the players that they’ll be seeing a decrease in the durability of Azir, Ahri, and Sylas, if the nerfs are picked in the first place.

The Zenith Games skin line is also included in the 12.17 patch which makes you feel like an athlete as it reveals a few Olympic Games-style bling.

If you unlock the all-new Lee Sin, you’ll see Viego, dubbed s the Ruined King, who returns to his human glory days and vice versa.

Also, for some League players, Fung’s answer has crushed their hopes of enjoying the pick swap order feature on PC, although he hasn’t ruled it out entirely.


Which is discussed in a Youtube video on the official channel of League of Legends Guides.

Patch 12.17 also successfully sorted a series of bugs and featured some quality-of-life changes.

The Bug Fixes in League Of Legends Patch Note 12.17

  1. The cursor moves irregularly when using smart pings, the bug is fixed.
  2. Fixed the bug that caused Draven’s R to execute passive to still execute enemies through spell shield.
  3. Fixed the Fizz’s E-range bug.
  4. Fixed a bug where using certain abilities after casting Flash would disable Hexflash and Flash.
  5. Fixed the bug of counting additional kills or assisting for certain challenges.


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