buy bitcoin in india

If you want to buy Bitcoin in India or any other cryptocurrency you’re likely to invest in then firstly you need to have a Wazirx Account then you can Buy/Sell Crypto using Wazirx App.

So, If you don’t have Wazirx Account so first read this below 10min tutorial, create an account, and if you already have a Wazirx Account then read this full post to know about how to Add funds, Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies for first time using Wazirx Application.

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We’re going to talk about how you can invest in Cryptocurrencies buy Bitcoin in India, Dogecoin, and Ethereum from your mobile, and start making money.

I also have created a Video on How to Create a Wazirx Account, you’ll get the video at the end of the post. If you already have a Wazirx Account then without wasting any time let’s get started.


How to Buy Bitcoin in India: How to Buy/Sell Crypto First time Using Wazirx App

As you know, Crypto Market is growing rapidly. We’re going to explore everything buying/selling crypto using Wazirx App. I will share with you how to invest first time in Cryptocurrencies using Wazirx Account.

How to Add Funds in Wazirx to buy CryptoCurrencies 

Step 1. Open Wazirx App and Click on Funds

create wazirx account

We’re here inside the Wazirx Application, Open the App Login with your Wazirx account Account. Now we need to add the funds to our wallets so that we can purchase Cryptocurrencies. Firstly Click on Funds.


Step 2. Open Wazirx Wallet

buy bitcoin in india

Here you can see My Total portfolio value also the list of cryptocurrencies currently I’ve invested in. We have to add the funds so click on INR.


Step 3. Click on Deposit

Buy Bitcoin in India

You can see here my all money deposited transactions. For Add more funds, Click on Deposit.

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Step 4. Enter Bank Account Details

Buy Bitcoin in India

Here, you need to enter your Bank Account details in order to Add funds. Simply Add the Bank Account number, IFSC code (If you don’t know your Bank IFSC Code, kindly check your passbook) then choose an Account type, Saving or Current, and Click on submit.

Also, If you want to Add Money through UPI like Paytm, Google Pay then Click on UPI.


Step 5. Select UPI as Payment Option

buy crypto from wazirx app

Here you need to enter your UPI Id. Suppose you want to connect Paytm UPI then open the Paytm app and check your UPI id in the profile section and enter it here then click on submit. After the Approval, You’ll be ready to use the UPI as a payment option.


Step 6. Instant Deposit options

buy cryptocurrency in india using Wazirx

Here, you’ll get these 3 money deposit options.

INSTANT DEPOSIT (UPI Only): this method will add the money instantly but charges 0.236% commission and tax charges
for each and every fund deposit transaction.

Instant Deposit (Net Banking): This method also adds money fast and charges $1 per transaction.

Instant deposit (Wallet transfer): this method takes a long time to process the add fund request but is free of charge.

I prefer Instant deposit UPI Only because of less charge and super fast. So, Click on Instant deposit (UPI only).


Step 7. Deposit Money Through UPI

Buy Bitcoin in India

Now, We need to enter the amount we need to add in the Wazirx wallet so that we can buy Cryptocurrencies then Click on Continue.

You’ll get a money pay request on your UPI account app like Google pay, Paytm. Approve the request and your money will be deducted from your bank account and add to your Wazirx funds.

How to Buy CryptoCurrencies on Waizirx App

Step 8. Buy CryptoCurrency on Wazirx App

Buy Bitcoin in India

Everything is set up now, let’s see how you can buy/sell cryptocurrencies in Wazirx. Suppose we have to buy Wink Coin, Click on it.

Buy Bitcoin in India

Now here, in the buy section, enter the amount you want to buy wink coins then click on Preview wink coin and the app will show you the current price of wink coin, how many wink coin you’ll get after purchasing. Just slide right and purchase your Crypto Wink coin.

How to Sell CryptoCurrencies on Waizirx App

Step 9. Sell CryptoCurrency on Wazirx App

purchase crypto online india

If you want to sell cryptocurrencies, Click on sell, select the amount of crypto you want to sell, and click on preview wink sell.

purchae dogecoin using wazirx
Here you can see the 1 wink coin current price, the total amount of wink coin you’re selling, and how much money you’re getting in return in order to sell, simply slide to confirm the selling.

Now, guys you know, how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, dogecoin first time using the Wazirx app.


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