increase ram in windows pc

Wanted to increase your PC/Laptops’ RAM it’s mean your system existing RAM is not sufficient and unable to fulfill your needs, (mainly gaming needs) am I right.

If you like gaming, you want to play some high ended games like GTA 5, but low RAM always ruins your enjoyment and low RAM plays a role of barrier between you and your Good Gaming Experience, so it’s the high time to remove this barrier from your PC/Laptop.

 Now don’t worry I am here for you and today I am going to show you  “How to increase RAM in windows PC/Laptop”.
So, without wasting time let’s see how you can Expand your system RAM in a just couple of minutes.

 How To Increase RAM in Windows PC upto 16GB

We are talking About a windows software SOFTPERFECT RAM DISK which gives you virtual RAM for your individual use for any software it creates disk partition of your ram memory.

SOFTPERFECT RAM DISK is a free high-performance RAM disk application that let you have a disk on your computer entirely in the memory.
That’s it, this information quite enough.
Let’s Start the process of increase RAM!
NOTE: In this software, you have to create a disk of free memory of your ram and disk is very useful for your laptop’s performance because it reserves the memory for your use only.

How to use this software …

  • Open this software and click on + button.
 How To Increase RAM in Windows PC upto 16GB
  • See in the first picture, create a disk of free memory and see in below picture, I have almost 1662MB of free space in RAM and I have to create a disk from this memory.
 How To Increase RAM in Windows PC upto 16GB
  • Select size of the disk which you want to create.
  • Choose any drive letter.
  • Select Mount as removable.
  • Click on OK.
  • See in this picture, I have created a disk which is containing 1000MB of memory which is very useful for performance of my laptop and now I can play many high ended games flawlessly because I have created a RAM disk partition for my personal use and  this memory will be work on specific software whose I will choose in fact this disk will work like 1GB graphics card.  Remember one thing, you can create any size of the disk according to free space in your RAM.
 How To Increase RAM in Windows PC upto 16GB
  • By click on  button, you can delete any created disk as well.



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