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Today, I’ll show you how to make my Android Phone run faster by using the 10 best tweaks to improve Android Performance and boost phone speed by 110%.

Doesn’t matter which Android device you have but I am pretty sure, after applying these 10 tweaks. Your Android’s performance will improve at the optimal level.

As we all know, Android is the largest platform in the world especially for smartphones and tablets too.

I forgot to tell you this operating system is also available for laptops. I just mean to say everybody is using Android now but some people facing problems using an Android Phone.

I know what you are thinking now, Android is so best, why is someone having any problem with using an Android Smartphone?

If you want to improve Android performance and you landed here, don’t worry you’re landed in the right place.

I guarantee After completely reading this Article you never face any Android problems related to high battery consumption, internet speed or data deduction, Android performance, and much more.

You need to follow only 10 Steps to Increase your Android Performance and save internet data.

As always, Let’s do it..!!!

10 Important Tweaks to Boost Phone Speed

These 10 important tweaks will help you to boost your phone speed to the optimal level and each and every step will take your Android smartphone to improved Android performance.

1. Restrict Background Data

Especially this happens mostly with 3G or 4G Networks, I Hear so many people saying that I’ve used only 50 Mb of data but it deducts 80 Mb of data.

Background Processes are always running in your background and it doesn’t show in recent Activities.

Background processes may cause your battery draining and it sucks internet data very Fast restricting background data will definitely Boost Phone Speed.

There are also some options available in developer mode to deal with this issue but restricting background data is just a basic step.

Restrict background data is very helpful for those who are facing Extra internet data Deduction problems and it also helps to improve Android performance by closing unlike apps & services using the internet.

After enabling this your Device’s all background Processes will be stopped.

  • Internet speed become faster
  • Save Internet Data
  • Low Battery Consumption

How to Enable or Disable Background Data restrict

Enable: Go to Settings>>Data Usage>>Click on the Upper Right Option for Restrict Background Data.

Disable: When it is enabled, it shows in the Status Bar “Background Data Restricted” Just click to disable.

2. Brightness Control

If Your Device’s Battery Backup is very poor then always use Low Brightness, Brightness plays a very important role in Battery performance.

3. Disable Unnecessary Applications

Just Disable Unnecessary Application by going to Settings>>Apps>>Click on App info and Disable it.

Wants to Enable the Disabled Application just Go to Settings>>Apps>>When you see All applications just slide from Right to Left and you will get Disabled Apps>>Here you can Enable want Application you want.

4. Clean Junk files and App Cache

Junk files are useless and you need to clear this from your Memory Card, I suggest you Download the 360 Antivirus Application it’s a free app available on the Play Store or you can just install any junk cleaner app. Freeing up junk will Boost Phone Speed.

This Application has an antivirus, booster, and cleaner, which will help you to clean junk files and this is also one of the Best Free Antivirus for Android.

5. Keep Free space in SD card & Internal Storage

Always Keep Free Space because every Running Application Create, and Modify Data in Memory. If you don’t have enough Memory, Maybe Your Device will not work properly.

Use ES File Manager and check data storage by doing SD card analysis and with internal memory too.

6. Uninstall Unnecessary Applications

Remove unnecessary apps from your phone because having too many will cause it to lag. Apps that you no longer use or require can be uninstalled.

Fewer Applications mean less RAM usage, Just Take a Backup of All Applications in your Memory card and uninstall unnecessary applications. This makes your Device Faster.

7. Choose Simple Launcher

Do not use Heavy Launcher, If you are not satisfied with your launcher then I prefer you try Nova Launcher.

This is a very simple Launcher and I love the performance it uses less Ram, just try this application.

I am currently using this Launcher and I must say this is the best Launcher enhanced and Boost Phone Speed.

8. Keep Always Home Screen Free

This is a Normal thing, I am sure that you know about it. So keep your home screen free from shortcuts and widgets. Trust me, this process will give a hassle-free experience and Boost Phone Speed.

9. Don’t Use Live Wallpaper

Sometimes setting up an Attractive Live wallpaper is not a big deal but If you permanently use live wallpaper it affects the device’s battery performance as well as your phone’s performance.

Though visually pleasing, animations can use processing resources. To speed up your phone, disable animations in the developer options.

10. Limit Background Activities

Limit background activities: Background activities can cause your phone to lag. Reduce the number of background processes that are active and give priority to those that are most crucial to you.

11. Use a High-Speed Memory Card

Use a high-speed memory card: If the memory card slot on your phone is available, think about using a high-speed memory card. The speed at which your phone can access files and data will be improved as a result.

12. Root Your Android Device

Rooting is Very Useful for Android. If your device is rooted so you can hack any game, Expand Ram, Adjust CPU performance, and many more Amazing things you can do with a Rooted Android device.
If anything you want to know about Rooting just check out this page.
If you want to Root Your Android Device without using a computer, just check out these posts.


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