remove virus from windows, android

In this post, I will show you How To Remove any Virus from Windows and Android using just 1 free Software. Our PC or smartphone are mostly affected by viruses these days.

If any virus may exist on your device, the virus will definitely make slow down your device’s processes or it may delete your device’s personal data.
Most of us don’t know about viruses, this is very harmful.


Talking about Android
If someone realizes that virus exists on his Android device, the first step is taken by him is to download a free Antivirus for Android.

I also agree, some free android antivirus really works but according to my experience none of them will protect you completely from viruses, this may works only to prevent your device from low-level viruses.

Talking about windows
After Many searches on the internet, I found 1 best software for both Windows and Android.
I tried this software on my android smartphone and  Windows laptop.
You don’t need to buy antivirus for your laptop or pc, just try this software and remove all viruses from your laptop or pc and this is also available for Android.

Download Malwarebytes Free Anti-malware Software
 malwarebytes remove virus

Download for Windows
Get the latest version from

Download for Android
Download this software it removes completely virus from your laptop but I just want to say one thing, I never tried an Android version of this software.
I am suggesting this software for you, because windows version, I have tried and must say it is pretty good.
Try and If you don’t like the Android Version, just try 360 Security Antivirus. This is the No.1 free software available on Android play store.



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