make pendrive bootable cmd

In this post, we’re talking about how to make Pendrive bootable using CMD.

There is much software available for making a Pendrive bootable, but today I will going to tell you the benefits of making a bootable USB without using any software.

I’ve seen so many websites for making a bootable USB Pendrive but in the end, I would say that this is the easiest and best trick to make your USB Pendrive bootable.

This is a (CMD) command prompt trick, by using the command prompt you can make your Pendrive bootable with ease and it takes just a couple of minutes.

So what is the need to download software if you know you can make Pendrive bootable using the command prompt.

Note: Please make sure Pendrive doesn’t have any important data because the process deletes your all data in the Pendrive.

Open command prompt: In Windows, click on search and type CMD, then the command prompt (cmd) icon will be shown in the list of programs, right-click on cmd and run as administrator.

Now Open CMD and Type these commands step by step:

How to make pendrive bootable using cmd

Step 1. diskpart

This command used to initialize the disk partition process. Type diskpart and hit enter.

Step 2. list disk

This command shows the available disk. Type list disk and hit enter.

Step 3. select disk 1

Here you need to select the disk of your USB Pendrive, Look at the size of your USB Pendrive or you can simply select disk 1.

It is always a disk 1, so type select disk 1 and hit enter.

Step 4. clean

Now, you need to clean all the available files from USB Pendrive. Simply, type clean and hit.

Make sure to use an empty USB Pendrive. otherwise, you can lose your data after this step.

Step 5. create partition primary

This command will create a partition on your USB Pendrive. type create partition primary and hit enter.

Step 6. Select partition 1

Again, you need to select the USB Pendrive partition to make it active. type select partition 1 and hit enter.

Step 7. active

Make your partition active, type active, and hit enter.

Step 8. format fs=ntfs

In this step, you need to format your drive using the NTFS File type. type format fs=ntfs and hit enter.

How to make pendrive bootable using cmd

Step 9. Assign

This command assigns your USB Pendrive with a drive name in H or G.

This step is not necessary but it helps to locate your drive with a name. type assign and hit enter.

Step 10. Exit

Your USB Pendrive is bootable now by using the command prompt. Leave the Command prompt by simply type exit and hit enter.

That’s how you can simply make your USB Pendrive bootable in just a couple of minutes by just using the Command prompt.


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