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Wish Happy Birthday to your Special Friend in a creative style

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Today we’re talking about wishing Happy Birthday to your Special Friend in a creative different style.

I’ve checked on the internet, I got Happy Birthday’s stuff like SMS wishes, photos, short template.

But I am unable to find a single piece of a web page for Birthday wishes but Now I have created a Happy Birthday Complete Web page containing lots of birthday wishes and also some fun stuff.

You can send this Happy birthday web page link to your friend and I am damn sure after seeing this type of birthday wish your friend will be very happy to see this online presence.

As you can see this is a Happy Birthday Web page designed in basic HTML coding so any newbie also can understand what codes used on this web page.


If you can understand HTML coding then you can modify this page for making it better, It all depends on you.

So, now you can wish Happy Birthday by sending the link to the Birthday web page and everyone can view this link on the web.

Note: Don’t miss the Bonus section (It’s important)

How to use this Web page for wishing Happy Birthday, is this really a creative idea?

I am trying to give you the answer to this question is the easiest way, This is like an online Birthday gift at the same time cool & creative birthday wish, and also it’s free.


You can send this web page link to anyone who’s special to you, doesn’t matter how far is your friend.

The Internet will do the rest of the work you need to do is just send a link to this web page we’re providing and at this time everyone is on the internet but how many people talking about to wish Happy Birthday in this creative style.

Be the first one from all of them and wish a happy birthday to someone’s special and what you need to do is just send the link of the webpage and enjoy the phenomenal response from the other side.


Here is the Happy Birthday web page link you can send to your friend, check from here.

I have a Bonus for you to make this Article complete.

Bonus: If you want to send this web page to someone’s special, You can leave a message in the comment box of this post by typing Friend’s name_Date.

For Example, My friend is Sonam Gupta and her birthday will be on 2-Feb-2017, Then I need to enter a message in the comment box like this.

My request is for Rajat_2-Feb-2017.

Then we’ll add the Sonam Gupta name on the 2nd of Feb, this proves that this Birthday web page is only designed for Sonam Gupta.

This step will help to make feel special to your friend, got it.


Wrapping up: Our all efforts and hard work is only for your convenience, take all the credit.

Means you can say, you have designed this birthday web page for making an impression on your friend.

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You can start commenting from now, we’re all set to spread Birthday wishes in a creative style.



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