Free Skins in PUBG Mobile

Today We have a Most Searched topic, How to Get Free Skins in PUBG Mobile. I will show you how to Earn Money from a Google App and use it to buy UC in PUBG Mobile for free without doing Anything.

Yes, You heard right! Without Doing Anything.

With Proof.

I’ve researched this topic for a few days and you know I got it? Totally Fake Content. The reason behind, this is the topic is very popular.

In 2020, PUBG Mobile players want to have PUBG Mobile Skins like Gun skin, Helmet skin, Bag Skins, Car Skins, weapon skin, free rewards, free gifs, free crates and other kinds of stuff for absolutely free.


This is a trending topic of 2020 comes with no solution, except buying by paying real money. Trust me, there is no hack available right now to hack and get Free PUBG skins for free using any Fake Website, Fraud Apps, Fake PUBG Mobile Skins generator. So don’t use these fake methods.

There are many tutorials available and all are the same.


I’ve watched 15-16 videos on youtube related to the topic and the Youtube video maker gives an App Download link to earn coin and redeem to purchase UC. They are giving a link of App even it’s not available on the play store.

And this Fraud App can steal your Data very easily. Always trust the Apps available on the Playstore.

Watch Video:

Now, Let’s Come to the Point.

I am talking about a Google App which definitely helps you to purchase PUBG Mobile Skins for free.



Which App will Help you to Get Free PUBG Mobile Skins?

I am talking about Google Opinion Rewards Application. It’s an App comes from Google means security Guaranteed.

Now let me elaborate, What Google Opinion Rewards Application Actually do. You just need to Install this Free Application from Google Playstore.

Actually, this app pays you for attempting the survey. Don’t worry the Google surveys are so easy and you will earn a decent amount of money by attempting the survey.

This App allows you to earn Google Play Balance, which you can use to Buy any paid App, Game or Ebook for free by using Google Play Balance.


Also, you can Buy PUBG Mobile UC for Free by using Google Play Balance. It’s totally safe, secure and you can earn money by just attempting the simple survey you can always complete in seconds, guaranteed.

For your convenience, I will share with you the survey screenshot and my earning history from Google Opinion Rewards.

How to Get Free Skins in PUBG Mobile

Now you know, What Google Opinion Rewards Application Actually do But it’s time to show with proof.

 So, In these steps, I will share with you How to install Google opinion rewards Application and how to attempt a short simple survey.


How much I’ve earned by attempting the surveys from Google opinion Rewards Application. Most Importantly, I will show you how you can use Google play balance to purchase UC in PUBG Mobile For Free.

Step 1: Install Google Opinion Rewards App

google opinion rewards Application

Firstly, Install and open Google Opinion Rewards Application on your Android Device. The name says everything, This is a Google App and comes with Google Security.

Simply Open Google Play store on your device then install Google Opinion rewards App and follow the next step.

Install Google Opinion Rewards


Step 2: Attempt a Survey

google opinion rewards new survey available

If you’re installing Google opinion rewards App first time, then let me tell you that first or maybe the second survey will give you no money but after that, you will start getting money by attempting every survey.

I’ve already earned lots of money by attempting the surveys and I am showing you in this screenshot that you will get this kind of notification on the App front page and in the status bar when the new survey will be available.


Also, If you want to see what kind of survey you have to attempt in order to earn google play balance then you can check youtube video on this topic where you can see every asked question in the survey, Youtube video is in the upper part of this post.

And, Sorry for the Blurry Screenshot.

Step 3: My Reward History

Free Skins in PUBG Mobile

This is the Proof that I am continuously earning some Google play balance day by day using Google opinion rewards Application. Total Earned 73 Indian Rupees by Attempting 9 short simple surveys.

Awesome, isn’t it.


Step 4: Open PUBG Mobile

Free Skins in PUBG Mobile

Now I am going to show you how you can use google play balance to purchase PUBG Mobile UC. Open PUBG Mobile on your Smartphone and go to UC Purchase Section.

Step 5: PUBG Mobile UC Purchase Section

Free Skins in PUBG Mobile

Click on UC Purchase according to how much google play balance you’ve earned till yet.


Step 6: Purchase PUBG Mobile UC for Free using Google Play Balance

Free Skins in PUBG Mobile

Now, You’ve to select the payment method and you can see there is Google Play Balance method is Appearing and available to use.

As you can see I have some unknown cash but I didn’t have enough google play balance to purchase 60 UC but I just need to attempt one survey then I’ll be able to buy 60 PUBG Mobile UC for free.


  1. BRO but problem is that google opinion app has no more survey . i had installed it a 1 an month ago and i got a survey of personal information to get 5/- but after that month finish and no survey at last ,waiting for 2 months i uninstalled it.

    • Hello Pankaj,

      Everybody is getting surveys, my friends. Google Opinion Rewards App also analyzes your Youtube and Google Search Data. Most of the time you’ll get surveys related to content you’ve already seen and you already know that Google Opinion Rewards App wants your opinion and pays you for that.

      If you’ not getting surveys, I suggest you be active in google and youtube and you’ll start getting surveys.


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