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Hello, Today in this post I will show you how to shift from thumb to Four Finger Claw Setup in just 3 days. This post is all about my experience of shifting from thumb to 4 Finger Claw in just 3 Days on PUBG Mobile.

If I can learn Four Finger Claw in just 3 Days then you also can learn by following my four-finger claw setup on PUBG Mobile.

These Days, PUBG Mobile Game is so popular and everybody is searching on the internet about the tricks tips and more detailed information about this game to make PUBG gaming performance better, right.

But the most important thing is why thumb gameplay is not so good as compared to 4 Finger claw on PUBG Mobile.

Firstly, I will tell you why thumb gameplay is weak and then I will tell you why 4 finger claw PUBG Mobile setup is good for improved gaming performance. Then, I will show you how to create 4 Finger Claw PUBG setup on mobile.


Why you Should Leave playing with thumbs in PUBG Mobile?

Four Finger Claw Setup

If you’re still playing PUBG mobile using thumbs then you can easily relate with my words.

When you play using thumbs, 1st thumb is used for a player movement like moving forward, backward, left or right and 2nd thumb used to change the camera angle then aim and fire. But you can’t change camera angle+aim+fire+jumb or crouch at the same time.


It’s not possible using thumb but easily possible using the Four finger claw setup.

It’s very difficult for a thumb player to move or jump at the time of the fire. You can’t do multiple things using thumbs, right.

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That’s the reason thumb gameplay is weak and you should shift 4 finger claw right now.

Why Four Finger Claw Setup is Best?

Four Finger Claw Setup

The PUBG 4 Finger claw layout is amazing because as you can see in the image, your 2 fingers are on Aim+Fire and the other 2 are on movement+changing camera angle.

It’s very easy for you to perform all the things at the same time using PUBG 4 finger claw setup, like Aim+fire+movement+camera angle+jump.


If you learned to control PUBG 4 Finger Claw then your PUBG Mobile gaming performance will skyrocket in a couple of days. All the Pro Mobile gamers use PUBG 4 Finger claw layout.

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Now you know, why 4 finger claw is best. So, I am going to show you, What exactly you need to do for shifting from thumbs to 4 finger claw in just 3 days.

Four Finger Claw Setup: How to Shift from Thumb to 4 Finger Claw on PUBG Mobile

So, Directly let’s come to the point.

This is my story, I usually play TDM Warehouse mode in PUBG Mobile and I love it. A few months ago, I also play using thumbs. I wasn’t comfortable with thumbs then I shift to 4 finger claw.

And you know what?

After facing some difficulties in using 4 finger claw layout. I finally getting comfortable with 4 finger claw in just 3 days and my gaming performance is increasing day by day.


Now, I will show you steps by step process to create a 4 Finger Claw layout. But before that, read this.

Important Tips:

  • Only Play TDM Warehouse Game mode until getting comfortable with Four Finger claw Setup

After Shifting from thumbs to 4 finger claw, Don’t play with the squad in Maps like Erangel because for 3-4 days your performance will be like zero. Then your teammates will demotivate you and tell you to start using thumbs again.

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So, Play TDM Warehouse, and this game mode will help you practicing alone with most players combat interaction in less time. Once you getting comfortable with using 4 Finger claw then you can play with anyone and in any game mode.

  • Use Simple 4 Finger Claw PUBG Setup layout in Starting

In starting, only use a simple easy to learn 4 finger claw layout that I will show you after a few lines. Once, you’ve learned to use 4 fingers claw simple layout then you can make changes and take your layout to the advanced level.


Now Follow these steps to create a Clean Simple 4 Finger claw layout in PUBG Mobile and improve your gaming performance.

Step 1: Open PUBG Mobile and Click on Settings

4 Finger Claw PUBG Setup: How to Shift from Thumb to 4 Finger Claw on PUBG Mobile

Open PUBG Mobile game and click on setting (located on lower right corner) to create a layout.


Step 2: Click on Controls then Customize

pubg control setting image

Firstly, Click on Controls then click on Customize to customize the layout.

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Step 3: Replicate this 4 Finger Claw Layout

4 Finger Claw PUBG Setup: How to Shift from Thumb to 4 Finger Claw on PUBG Mobile

This is a Super Simple 4 finger claw layout. You can easily learn 4 Finger claw using this layout in just 3 or 4 days.

Once you get full control of this layout, take it to the pro level.


Step 4: Hold Phone and use 4 Finger Claw like this

pubg control pic

This is a way to hold the phone and use the 4 finger claw in an effective way.


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Step 5: Start Playing 

how to copy layout in pubg mobile

Now you’re ready to play PUBG using 4 Finger Claw.

You can also watch this Youtube Video on Four Finger Claw Setup: How to Shift from Thumb to 4 Finger Claw on PUBG Mobile.

Watch Video:

Enjoy gaming and If you have any questions related to the topic, Write in the comments.



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