WhatsApp Font tricks

Do you know, You can change the Font style and use these tricks on WhatsApp while sending messages. You can deliver your text in another font, even you can change your font style into Bold, Italic, and Cross out by inserting some symbols before and after the text.

Sometimes, it’s very helpful to know these font-changing tricks. You can create an impression by sending a stylish text in front of those who don’t know how to change font style tricks on WhatsApp.

There is no way to change font style tricks in WhatsApp permanently. So, you need to add symbols whenever you want to change the font style on WhatsApp.

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Step 1. Open WhatsAppWhatsApp Font tricks

Open the WhatsApp application on your Android device, Open Chat, and start typing. Then I will show you how we can customize WhatsApp Text Font.


Step 2. FixedSys FontWhatsApp Font tricks

Change the text Font by typing “`Your Text“`

Type 3 Backquotes  “`   just before the text, as well as 3 backquotes after the text to change the font into FixedSys text font. This symbol is called backquotes.


Step 3. Cross out TextWhatsApp Font tricks

Send Crossed out by typing  Your Text ~

Type Tilde    just before and after the Text to show crossed-out text. This symbol is called Tilde.


Step 4. Bold TextWhatsApp Font tricks

Create bold text by adding an asterisk just before and after the text  * Your Text *

This popular symbol  *  called an asterisk.


Step 5. Italic TextWhatsApp Font tricks

You can make your text italic by adding underscore just before and after the text _ Your Text _

This another popular symbol   _   called underscore.


Step 6. Mix SymbolsWhatsApp Font tricks

You can also use all of these above symbols together. You can mix two or three symbols on a single text.


These tricks will help you to change font style on WhatsApp and if you know any font trick for WhatsApp, Share with us by writing in the comments.



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