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How to Change WhatsApp Background themes Wallpaper

WhatsApp background themes wallpaper

Are you getting bored from WhatsApp old Chat screen Wallpaper, So today I will show you how you can Change WhatsApp Background themes Wallpaper.

WhatsApp intelligently sets the excellent Wallpaper as default chat screen which is light, elegant and you can’t bore with it but Sometimes, We really need a change.

In the WhatsApp Application, you can Change the chat screen wallpaper by replacing any image from the gallery or you can choose solid colors from WhatsApp stock solid color collection and you can use it as a chat screen wallpaper.


You can also Download cool Wallpapers like your default one from the WhatsApp Wallpaper Library and be free to try the change.


Because you can get back to your old default WhatsApp background themes wallpaper in one click anytime.

How to Change WhatsApp Background themes Wallpaper

Step 1. Open WhatsApp

whatsapp background themesOpen the WhatsApp application on your Android device.


Step 2. Click on Wallpaper

How to Change whatsapp background themes wallpaper

Once you opened the WhatsApp application, simply click on any WhatsApp contact to enter the chat so that we can get the options we need to access.

Now in the Chat, click on three dots located in the upper right corner. Then you will see a Wallpaper option, Click on it.


Step 3. Select the Wallpaper

How to Change Wallpaper of WhatsApp Chat Screen

I will select the image from the gallery but we also have plenty of options to explore as you can see in the image. So I will give you some basic information about all of these options.

  • Gallery:  This option allows you to select any wallpaper from your personal storage like SD Card or Internal Storage.
  • Solid Color:  In this Option, You can select from blank solid color wallpapers like Red, Black, Green, Blue, and many other solid colors.
  • Wallpaper Library:  WhatsApp has its own wallpaper library with tons of cool chat screen wallpapers, Simply click on the Wallpaper library and download and try WhatsApp Wallpapers as many as you can.
  • Default:  After using all of the Wallpapers from the gallery, solid colors, or wallpapers from the wallpaper library and you still found your old default chat screen wallpaper is best. So, Click on the default to get back on the default chat screen wallpaper.
  • No Wallpaper:  The title defines itself, don’t want any wallpaper on the background of the chat screen, so you can click on No Wallpaper and you will see a black screen in the place of Wallpaper.

Step 4. Set the Wallpaper

How to Change Wallpaper of WhatsApp Chat Screen

Once you select the wallpaper from the gallery, you can pinch to zoom the wallpaper also you can drag in all directions to set the desired part of the wallpaper in the middle of the screen.


Step 5. Look at the Wallpaper

How to Change Wallpaper of WhatsApp Chat ScreenCheck out this wallpaper in the background of the chat screen. I would recommend you to use light color wallpapers.

Because I think dark color wallpaper will provide you some distraction when you chat with someone.

This is just an advice, be free to use any kind of wallpapers in the background, and How about using the illusion wallpapers in the WhatsApp chat screen, try everything.



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