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If Someone has blocked you on WhatsApp but still you want to text him/her. WhatsApp Block Checker trick will you to contact the person already blocked you.

Maybe you want to ask why the person blocked you or you can fix every misconception or issue by just sending a message but now you’re blocked and I know how you can send a message if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp.

In this trick, I am going to focus on a simple way to send a message if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp.

You can Send Text Messages on a cell phone or you can contact through other Social Networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or you can call directly.

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I can understand your problem, Maybe these all above options will not work for you because sometimes you only have a single option which is WhatsApp.


I am going to share with you an effective and best trick because this trick will help you to send messages to a person who already blocked you and the best part you don’t need anyone’s help to perform it.

But Firstly, You need to confirm that someone is actually blocked you or not. Click on this below link to check that the person is really blocked you on WhatsApp or it’s another case, Read this WhatsApp Block Checker Post below.

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In this post, I am going to show you How to Send Messages if Someone has Blocked you using the WhatsApp Block checker trick.

How to Send Message if Someone has Blocked you on WhatsApp: Block Checker

Step 1. Install Second WhatsApp App

whatsapp block hack

You need to Install a Second WhatsApp Application on your Android device. If you don’t know how to install the second WhatsApp Application because one is already installed.

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Step 2. Create New WhatsApp AccountWhatsApp Block checker

Now, after reading the post, you have successfully installed a second WhatsApp Application on Android devices.

At this stage, I am assuming that you have at least two cell phone numbers. Create a New WhatsApp Account with the Second Number.


Step 3. Start Sending Messages
WhatsApp block checker

You have 2 WhatsApp Accounts installed on a Single Android device. Now you can send a message to the person who blocked you.


You can ask to unblock your old number or you can continue chatting with this new WhatsApp Account.


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