android app backup restore

There is so many android application allows for Creating App backup and restore. App+Data restoration on Android is quite difficult to do if you don’t know about the right application for this work.

If we talk about benefits of Creating App+Data backup, If you have App+Data backup of any android application so whenever you’ll restore the app by choosing App+Data Restore, you will get the application in previous state same as when you uninstalled the app.

It’s mean no app’s data loss on uninstalling and reinstalling an android application.

You’re playing a game on Android from many days and cleared many missions, but somehow you needed to install an application which is quite large in size.

So you can uninstall your game after creating App+Data backup. Whenever you get the free space, you can re-install it again with all the cleared mission, This is the benefit of creating and using an App+Data Backup on Android.

In this tutorial, we’ll guide you on how to create a backup of android app and how to restore APP+DATA.

 How To Create APP+Data Backup 

How To Create Android App Backup and Restore App+Data.
Install Titanium Backup App From Google Play. Titanium backup is the most trusted application for taking app backup and restore app+data also it’s available for free.
Create a Backup File on your SD Card or Internal memory and be free to uninstall any app if it takes large space on the device and there will be no issue about app data because it can be recovered anytime.
How To Create Android App Backup and Restore App+Data.

Note: Titanium backup application needs a Rooted Android Device. If your Device is not rooted,
This App will not Work on Non-Rooted Android Devices.

How To Create Android App Backup and Restore App+Data
Select any App from the List and Create App+Data Backup. Select any application from the list of apps for taking Backup App+Data, also you can search app by typing in the search bar.
Follow above image instructions, Open Titanium Backup and Click on Backup/Restore and Select any app and click on it. Then you will see some options(see above image) Click on Backup!
That’s it, then the system will start the backing up process.


How To Restore App+Data using Titanium Backup

In order to recover any application on android by using any application, you have to create a backup first.

How To Create Android App Backup and Restore App+Data
Open Titanium Backup Application and Select the App you want to recover the App+Data. Find the backed-up app that you want to recover on Android device, Search from the list or type in the search bar to find easily in Backup/Restore Tab. Choose the app then click on Restore.
How To Create Android App Backup and Restore App+Data
Choose from the options and the App restoring process will start. After clicking on Restore, App will ask you to choose what you want to recover APP ONLY or APP+DATA, choose according to your needs and the restoring process will start.
After restoring you’ll get your app back in the previous position on the date when you created the backup of the application.


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