How To Disable any System/User Application on Android

Android is the most popular operating system today and spreading all around the world vary widely and if you have an android device so this tutorial is going to be very useful and informative for you.

Let’s come to the point and talk about Android applications, Android is capable of running much application at the same time but it also loses something at this time. If you’ve stored so many application on Android, it will slow down Android’s performance and the battery will drain fastly.

Now you’re going to Learn How to disable any system/user application on Android with an ease. It’s an important step because disabling an unnecessary application helps to free up some precious internal storage, free up some RAM and disable means no battery draining issues, how good is that!

Warning: System Applications are very sensitive, do not try to disable any system application if you don’t know about it, Otherwise, you’ll lose your Android device and we‘ll not responsible at any cost.


How to Disable Any User or System Application on Android.

Note: This tutorial needs a Rooted Android Device, If your device is not rooted, read: How to Root Any Android device in just 1min.


How To Disable any System/User Application on Android.

Disable Application is an android application allows to disable any android application and the best thing is you can disable any app without clearing app data also you can enable the app anytime.

This application is available on google play store and we tested this application on Android, it has a great user interface and easy to operate.
We already mentioned you need a rooted android device to run this application.

Run Disable application on your Android, Allow Root privileges and start disabling any android application without any restriction.

After installing Disable application, Just Open the app then the app will ask you allow Root Privileges, simply allow and then you can disable any user/system application on your Android and also can enable the disabled application very easily.


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