How to Unzip Files on Windows

You’re reading this post, it means you probably have a zip File but don’t know how to open a zip file. I’ll teach you in just 4 easy steps on how to unzip files on windows.

If you search on internet about How to zip a file or How to unzip a File then you will definitely get the name of a popular zip file opener Software called Winzip.

Winzip is the most popular Software for doing these kinds of stuff in Windows like zip extractor, rar opener, File Compressor and much more features you can get in Winzip Software but Winzip is not a Free Software.

You will get 21 days of Winzip Free trial then you’ve to purchase the software. If you can pay, Winzip is the best Software you can download from the official website.

But In this tutorial, I will teach you how to unzip files on Windows by using a Free Software.

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How to Unzip Files on Windows using a Free Software

If you want to unzip any file on Windows with the help of free unzip software then I have a software suggestion for you which is 7-zip.

7-zip is a utility software for Windows comes with clean and simple user interface also has a variety of features like:

  • File compressor
  • Create a zip file
  • Rar opener
  • unzip file

I am using the 7-zip software in my Windows system for 2 years and didn’t get a single error till yet. I also recommend you to try 7-zip software because it’s Free.

In this tutorial, I will show you How to unzip a folder and open a zip file by using 7-zip Free Software.


Follow Steps:


How to Unzip Files on Windows1 Move zip File in Empty Folder. This step is not compulsory but I suggest you move the zip file in empty Folder. So you can easily recognize the unzipped or Extracted Folder.


How to Unzip Files on Windows2 Download 7-zip Software. Now go to the official website and download the 7-zip software.

If you’re using Windows 64bit then download 64bit Software and if using Windows 32bit then download the 32bit 7-zip software. Simply Download and Install the software on your Windows PC.


 How to Unzip Files on Windows

3 Right Click on the Zip File >>7-zip >>Extract Files.  Once the Software installed in your Windows Software, Right click on the zip File then you will see some options on the menu. Drag your cursor to the 7-zip option then you will see an Extract Files option, click on it.

There are many other ways to unzip files by using this software but this is the easiest method I am showing you in this tutorial. I suggest you Explore all the features and method yourself in free time.

How to Unzip Files on Windows

4 Unzipped Folder is here.  In just one click, you got unzipped folder. this is how you can Easily unzip files on Windows.


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