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There are many WhatsApp status save app available on the Internet but none of them are coming from a trusted source. So, Here I will show you the easiest way to save WhatsApp status without using any third-party Android app.

Now you don’t need any WhatsApp status App to download the status video or photo into internal storage. 

WhatsApp is the most popular chat messaging platform used by millions of users. These days, people really enjoying the new WhatsApp status feature.

Plenty of websites running on the internet for providing you the best WhatsApp status in the form of text, images, and videos.

There are millions of searches happen on Google every month for nice WhatsApp status by using these keywords like best status, status quotes, best WhatsApp status, also including WhatsApp DP.

Now you can see the popularity of WhatsApp new status feature. That’s the reason today we’re talking about how to download video from WhatsApp status and photo also.


Everyone wants to update the best WhatsApp status and that’s the only reason people search on google for new WhatsApp videos, status quotes, best status, etc.

Whenever you like someone’s WhatsApp status video or photo. So you can capture a screenshot of a photo in WhatsApp but what will you do to get a video from WhatsApp status?

If I am right, you have the only choice to ask or maybe request from the WhatsApp contact to send you the video.

Now, you don’t need to use the WhatsApp status save App, I have a way for you to download WhatsApp status.

Whenever you watched someone’s WhatsApp status video or photo then WhatsApp automatically stored all the statuses on internal storage.

In simple words, You’re requesting someone to send the WhatsApp status video or photo which is already available on your Android‘s internal storage but you don’t know about it, unbelievable but true.


How to Save WhatsApp Status Without Using any App

In this tutorial, I will teach you How to Download WhatsApp Status Video or photo in your internal storage without installing the WhatsApp status save app.

Step 1. Open WhatsApp

How to change font style on whatsAppOpen the WhatsApp application on your Android device.


Step 2. Click on the Status tab

whatsapp status save appClick on STATUS Tab and watch the WhatsApp status which you want to download or store in your internal storage.


Step 3. Watch WhatsApp status

WhatsApp status

Firstly, watch the WhatsApp status then WhatsApp will store the video or photo in the hidden folder. You have to watch in order to download WhatsApp status.


Step 4. Enable Show Hidden Files in File Brower

Install Es file explorer

Now open your File Browser >> Settings >> Enable Show Hidden Files.

Open your File Browser and Enable Show Hidden Files from settings, you will get this option in Every File Manager Application.

But in any case you unable to find how to enable show hidden files in File manager then You can follow this step and install the Es File Explorer from Google Play.

Skip this step if you found the show hidden files option in your preinstalled file manager application.


Step 5. Open File Explorer >> Settings

How to Download WhatsApp Status Video or PhotoOpen the File Explorer application, Click on the three lines located on the upper left corner to open the settings.


Step 6. Enable Show Hidden files

How to Download WhatsApp Status Video or PhotoIn the Settings, Scroll down to the bottom then you will see the show hidden files option, Enable it.


Step 7. Go to Internal Storage

Save WhatsApp StatusOpen Internal storage in File Explorer.


Step 8. Open the WhatsApp Folder

How to Save WhatsApp StatusLocate the Folder named WhatsApp in the internal storage then open the Folder.


Step 9. Open Media Folder

Download WhatsApp StatusIn the WhatsApp folder, you will see a Folder named Media, open it.


Step 10. Open .Statuses Folder

saver WhatsApp StatusThis is a Hidden Folder where automatically stores all the WhatsApp Status videos or photos temporarily.

Step 11. Move the File to another Folder

save whatsApp statusThis folder stores all the WhatsApp status videos or photos. Now move the Video, photo to another Folder because here WhatsApp stores the Data temporarily. So, it’s good to move the File.


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