download whatsapp chat of single contact

If you want to know, How to Download WhatsApp Chat of Single Contact on your Offline storage. So, you’re in the right place.

WhatsApp has plenty of amazing new features you know about it like WhatsApp status, WhatsApp Web.

These features are well known, right! but some WhatsApp amazing, as well as useful features you have missed.

But, today I will show you an amazing WhatsApp feature for WhatsApp Chat backup or download of Single Contact.

We can take Backup of Complete Chat, Actually, WhatsApp does this but my point is our Storage is full of unnecessary WhatsApp backup files.


If you need to back up two-three or maybe five conversations, so what’s the need to create the complete backup of all WhatsApp contacts.


In this post, I will show you, How you can Download single person WhatsApp chat in text File with media files like audio, video or you can download just the text file without media.

In simple words, I am going to show you How to Download only one contact WhatsApp backup direct on your Internal storage or SD Card.

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How to Download WhatsApp Chat of Single Contact

Step 1. Open WhatsApp

How to change font style on whatsAppOpen the WhatsApp application on your Android device.


Step 2. Click on Settings

How to Backup WhatsApp Message

Click on the three dots, located on the top right corner then click on the Settings.


Step 3. Click on Chats

How to Backup WhatsApp MessagesIn the Settings, Click on the Chats Option.


Step 4. Click on Chat History

How to download WhatsApp Chat of Single Contact

Now, In the Chat Settings, Click on the Chat History.


Step 5. Click on Email Chat

How to download WhatsApp Chat of Single ContactClick on Email Chat to download the chat through Email.


Step 6. Download WhatsApp Chat With or Without Media

How to download WhatsApp Chat of Single ContactNow Select Whether you want to save WhatsApp Chat offline of Single Contact With Media Files like audio, video, or Without media, only just the text conversation file.


Step 7. Select your Email App

How to download WhatsApp Chat of Single ContactNow Simply Select any preferred Email App for Sending WhatsApp chat text file to your Email Address.


Step 8. Enter Your Email

How to download WhatsApp Chat of Single ContactYou can see a WhatsApp Chat file Attached to this Email. Now Enter your Own Email Address in the To section and send the Email.

Now check your Email Inbox to check the Email.

Step 9. Open Email

How to download WhatsApp Chat of Single ContactYou will get an Email from me Title because you’ve sent an email to yourself. Open the Email to download the WhatsApp Chat file.

Step 10. Download WhatsApp Chat

download whatsapp chatInside the Email, You will see an Attached text file in .txt format. Simply Download the File on your storage or you can upload it to Google drive as well.

Now you have a WhatsApp chat text File simply open and read it. So that’s how you can Download WhatsApp Chat of Single Contact.


  1. this does not work as per my requirement.
    i need to download the all media (without the text messages) for each individual chat.


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