Install WhatsApp on PC

WhatsApp is the First Application crossed the 1 Billion Downloads Mark on Google Play Store.

Now WhatsApp is not limited to Smartphone users. You can Install WhatsApp on PC, Laptop, Macbook and almost on any device.

WhatsApp for PC is very useful in messaging, reading long messages, watch videos and view photos on a big screen will provide you a better user experience, that’s the reason people searching the way to get WhatsApp for PC.

How to Install WhatsApp on PC

There are plenty of ways available to install WhatsApp on PC and Laptop but In this post, I will show you the easiest and convenient way to install WhatsApp on PC, desktop or laptop.

WhatsApp Web is a WhatsApp Official feature allows you to install and use WhatsApp on Windows PC, even also you can install WhatsApp on any computer.



WhatsApp recently released WhatsApp Apps and software for all devices like Windows PC, MacBook and so on, but I think WhatsApp Web is still the convenient and Quick way to Install WhatsApp on PC and Laptop.

In this post, you’re going to Learn How to Install WhatsApp on PC and Laptop.


Follow Steps:


Install WhatsApp on PC 1 Open URL on your PC Browser.  Open URL on your PC Browser, then you will see the QR Code.


How to use one WhatsApp Account on two DevicesOpen WhatsApp App >>WhatsApp Web.  Open WhatsApp App on your Smartphone then Click on three dots to open the menu located on the upper right corner then click on WhatsApp Web.


How to use one WhatsApp Account on two Devices

Scan the QR Code. See the QR Code opened in the PC Browser (check Step 1). Scan the QR Code from Smartphone to Install WhatsApp on PC.



 Install WhatsApp on PC4  Enjoy WhatsApp on PC.  After Scanning the QR Code, you can use the WhatsApp on PC.




How to use one WhatsApp Account on two DevicesLog out.  You can disconnect your PC anytime, just open WhatsApp App and click on WhatsApp web again but this time you will see Currently active devices. You can disconnect anytime by clicking on Log out from all computers.


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