How to Backup WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp Messages are important for every WhatsApp user. It’s a Good decision to take Backup WhatsApp Messages on Google Drive for the Security. Create a WhatsApp Chat Backup and never lose your WhatsApp Messages.

Google Drive is the best and only direct option to create and upload all WhatsApp Messages Backup. If you’re Planning to Switch your Android device so it’s the best time to create a WhatsApp Backup. You just need Internet and a Google Account to Create and upload Backup of WhatsApp Messages on Google drive.



Once you set up all the WhatsApp Messages Backup options, WhatsApp will take automatic backup of all WhatsApp messages and upload the backup file on Google drive.



Follow Steps:


How to change font style on whatsApp1 Open WhatsApp.  Open WhatsApp Application on your Android device.

How to Backup WhatsApp Message
2 Click on Settings. Click on the three dots, located on the top right corner then click on the Settings.



How to Backup WhatsApp Messages3 Click on Chats.  In the Settings, Click on the Chats Option.

How to Backup WhatsApp Messages

4 Click on Chat Backup. Now, In the Chat Settings, Click on the Chat Backup option.





How to Backup WhatsApp MessagesBack Up to Google Drive. Click on Back up to Google Drive to select When to take WhatsApp Chats Backup or set Automatic Backup.


How to Backup WhatsApp MessagesSelect Automatic Backup Timing. As you can see from these options, In Only When I Tap “Back up” is a manual option to take WhatsApp Messages backup.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthy, these three options can be used according to the needs.

For Example, If your Daily Chat is so important for you and you want to keep safe your Chats on daily basis then Select the Daily option and WhatsApp will do the rest of the Work. WhatsApp will create the backup daily of your all WhatsApp Chats and automatically upload on the Google drive whenever your device connects to the internet.



How to Backup WhatsApp MessagesSelect the Google Account. Click on the Account to Select the Google Account So that WhatsApp can be able to Upload your WhatsApp Chats automatically on Google Drive.




How to Backup WhatsApp MessagesBack up Over. Click on the Back up over then you will have to Choose which network to Choose for automatic WhatsApp chats backup on Google drive.



How to Backup WhatsApp MessagesSelect Network For Backup Process. Here you can select which network to choose to take WhatsApp chats Backup over Wifi only, or both Wifi and Cellular Data.




How to Backup WhatsApp Messages10 Click on BACK UP. Finally, Everything is set up successfully. Now you just need to click on BACK UP and your Back up process will start.


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