increase CPU Speed

If you’re using an Android device and suffering from the lower processor so you can increase CPU speed in Android devices. Yes! it’s totally possible by overclocking Android’s CPU Processor Speed.

It’s true! Android Operating system allows you to increase CPU speed or manage manually only when you have a rooted device.

Do you know, the main reason for heating up and Battery Draining in Android devices is a Slow CPU Processor. It’s unable to handle the load that’s the reason your device unable to perform flawlessly.

It doesn’t matter how faster is your device but if you want to run your CPU with the full power it has, So you need to read this post fully and trust me after applying all the steps on your Android device, your Android CPU will run at Actual speed.


How to Increase CPU Speed to make Android run faster

Set CPU is an Android tool for changing the CPU settings on a rooted device. This application force your CPU to perform faster by overclocking Processor Speed.

Note: Rooted Android device is must needed to run this application.

If your Android is not rooted, root it from here.

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If your Android’s CPU is working faster then it will definitely help you in high-ended gaming because graphics acceleration is an important part of gaming and it operates by CPU.

The Set CPU is a paid android application in the Google Play store but here I am providing you the free download link.

Download Set CPU[TechsableAds]

If you want to know, How I can provide you the paid android app for free.

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How to use Set CPU to Increase CPU Speed

After open Set CPU, Firstly app will ask you to choose from the 2 settings, Recommended settings or Custom Advanced.


If you’re using this application first time, My suggestion for you is to choose Recommended settings.

Set CPU Increase processor CPU speed in android

Now, the app will ask you to allow Root permission, just allow this process.


Set CPU Increase processor CPU speed in android

Finally, Adjust your CPU speed according to your needs or set the processor minimum and maximum value (in MHZ) to a higher level.

Set CPU Increase processor CPU speed in android

Tip: App will automatically show you the minimum and maximum CPU speed value in (Mhz).

Recommended settings are good for your device and performance because the system knows very well that in which settings your Android device will perform better, safer, and Faster.


This application will boost CPU speed up to 30% and you’ll feel your device is running faster like a rocket.


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