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A smartphone is a gadget that plays a very important role in our life. Somehow if it’s been stolen or lost somewhere my own mistake. So, how I can find my Android Phone with the help of Google Mobile tracker.

In this tutorial, you’re going to learn How To Find Stolen or Lost Android Device in just a couple of minutes using Google mobile tracker. You can find an Android smartphone even if don’t know the cell number.

It happens, maybe you bought a new Android smartphone with a new number, so it’s very difficult for you to find your Android smartphone without knowing the number.


Case 1. My Device is not stolen or lost, I am securing my device earlier.

Don’t wait for stealing your Android device by someone, most people read these kinds of articles after the device been stolen. Secure your Android smartphone, nothing will happen anything wrong with you. It’s your choice.

Follow these simple steps to secure your Android device

 Google can find your android device easily if you have applied these settings on your android device.


Before Leaving your home, Make sure you have Enabled these two things on your Android device because it is not possible to track a cell phone that is off.

  • Enable GPS
  • Enable Internet Connectivity
  • Always Update Google Play Services App

If you check these two settings GPS and Internet Connectivity on your android phone before leaving your home so you don’t need to worry about anything. You can find your smartphone from anywhere.

Google will not give you the exact location of your Android device but it definitely provides a radius where your device currently active.

A single clue is priceless when you don’t have to do to find your device, right.


Case 2. My Smartphone is lost or Stolen, what to do now?

If you’re reading this post for information and knowledge then I am suggesting you read case 1 then go for case 2, it’s important.

Besides that, if you’ve lost your Android phone then I am going to show you how you can get the approximate location of your Android device.

And, how you can ring up your device so you can hear the phone is ringing if you’re near your Android phone.


How To Find Stolen or Lost Android Device using Google mobile tracker

 Step 1.  Sign in to your Google Account

google mobile tracker
  • Click on the box and then click on My Account.

If you’ve logged in on your PC with the same google account then you’ll get this interface. Simply click on the dotted box located on the top right then click on My account.


Step 2.  Find your Phone

google mobile tracker
  • Click on GET STARTED.

In my account section, you’ll get my options. Click on Find your phone.


Step 3.  Select a Phone or Tablet.

google mobile tracker
  • You can see here all of your active devices linked with the same google account. Select your device.


Step 4.  Ring or Locate your Phone

How To Find Stolen or Lost Android Device
  • Click on Locate.

As you can see, there are so many options you can do with your Android phone using Google phone tracker like Ring, Locate, Lock and even you can make a call to your device from your other device like PC.


Step 5.  Get the location of the Android Device

How To Find Stolen or Lost Android Device


Android device manager can give you the approximate location of your android device if you’ve followed all steps mentioned in case 1.

You can ring your device for about 5 mins with full volume, also you can Enable lock and Erase data on your device so that no one can see your sensitive data. All you can do this with the help of Google’s Android device manager.


 Finding your stolen Android device is become so easier, all thanks to google services and one more thing to keep updated Google Play Services.

Android device manager can’t work better if your Google Play Services are not updated so update your Google Play services and say thanks again to Google for providing us these kinds of good services for free.


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